XOÀI. An old dog, abandoned on the street in pain with a disfigured face, lies groaning without assistance.

XOÀI. An old dog, abandoned on the street in pain with a disfigured face, lies groaning without assistance.

This is the story of Xoli, one of the thousands of invisible animals that live on the streets. Xoli was an old dog who lived on the streets in critical condition. For days, she lay in a corner unable to get up, with moans that didn’t stop. Fortunately, some kind-hearted people saw her and quickly took her in a car to a clinic.

Xoli was attended to by Dr. Hellyanne Sampaio, who found her to be severely dehydrated, underweight, and suffering from a range of health issues. Her oral cavity was congested, making it difficult for her to breathe through her nose, and she was suffering from anemia, fleas, and ticks. Xoli also had a broken jaw, which had caused a change in her nasal cavity, and a severe bacterial infection that left her unable to breathe through her nose.


Despite her advanced age and weak health, Xoli was treated with care and compassion by Dr. Sampaio and specialist Dr. Marcos Nogueira. Although Xoli was unable to undergo surgery due to her frail condition, she received medication to treat her broken jaw and bacterial infection. Through in-depth evaluation and active treatment, Xoli’s health improved significantly.


Finally, after a general examination and evaluation, Xoli was discharged from the hospital. Her new life began without pain and loneliness, and her future is now filled with hope. Xoli’s companions who rescued her all know the pain, indifference, lack of help, and rejection that she had faced for a long time. They were all moved by her quiet and calm demeanor, perhaps a reflection of her experiences. Xoli’s story is a testament to the power of kindness, compassion, and care. It is a reminder that every life, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, is precious and deserving of our love and attention.

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An old dog, abandoned on the street, lies in pain with a disfigured face, groaning without any assistance. Its eyes, clouded with the weight of years gone by, reflect a lifetime of both loyalty and neglect. Once a companion to someone, this weathered canine now finds itself cast aside, left to navigate the harsh realities of the unforgiving streets.

The disfigurement on its face tells a story of hardships endured and battles fought, hidden from the eyes of those who pass by indifferently. Each whimper that escapes its parched throat echoes the silent plea for a touch of kindness, a morsel of compassion, in a world that seems to have forgotten its existence.

Rain or shine, the old dog’s worn-out body finds solace on the cold pavement. Its weary limbs, which once carried it through adventures and wagged in sheer joy, are now shackled by the chains of time and abandonment. The once-glossy coat, matted and dull, speaks of days spent without the luxury of care, while its feeble tail thumps sporadically against the ground, a feeble attempt to show a flicker of hope that someone might notice.

As the sun dips below the horizon, casting long shadows across the streets, the old dog’s groans become more pronounced. The bustling world rushes past, oblivious to the silent anguish of this forgotten soul. Cars honk, pedestrians chatter, and life continues with its own rhythm, ignorant of the tale of resilience that lies curled up by the roadside.

Yet, in this dire situation, there remains a glimmer of the dog’s indomitable spirit. The faint flicker of its eyes, though clouded and weary, still holds a spark of life. The rhythmic rise and fall of its chest, despite the pain, is a testament to its unwavering will to survive. Though abandoned and left to suffer,

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