xoài. “Ailing Dog Discarded in Landfill for Being ‘Worthless,’ Hidden in Garbage, and Left to Await Its Fate”

xoài. “Ailing Dog Discarded in Landfill for Being ‘Worthless,’ Hidden in Garbage, and Left to Await Its Fate”

Kratos, an eight-year-old Kangal Shepherd, was found critically malnourished at a secluded waste in Corum, Turkey.

The discarded dog was not only underweight and emaciated, but he had also lost all of his hair due to the numerous seeping lesions that covered his body.

Rescuers from “Rescuers Without Borders” discovered Kratos in a muddy ditch near the hazardous waste on a cold day.

They were taken aback by the dog’s melancholy temperament, because he had clearly pictured himself in a loving family before finding up in the godforsaken landfill.

Unfortunately, Kratos’ tale is not uncommon in Turkey. Over the last two months, animal activists have rescued over 800 canines that had been abandoned at various landfills.

Unfortunately, several of the dogs died before anyone could save them. Owners regularly abandon their dogs, according to rescues, when they become old or sick, or when they are no longer required for “work.”

So far, the organization has rescued hundreds of “landfill” canines. Despite their difficult circumstances, these dogs are always kind and ready to please.

However, the endeavor to rehabilitate the rubbish puppies has been abandoned since each canine rescue costs between $800 and $2,000.

Workers say Kratos’ recuperation has been gradual owing to his weakened immune system, but he should be fully recovered in approximately two months.

His fur has grown back, and once completely recovered, he will be ready for his permanent home. Get well soon, my dear!

You can watch Kratos’ rescue as well as the anguish of the other dumped rubbish canines in the video below.

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