Woman Saves Abandoned Dog from NYC Subway Station and Gives Him a New Home

Woman Saves Abandoned Dog from NYC Subway Station and Gives Him a New Home

You never know what fascinating items you may stumble upon while walking around New York City. One Instagram page, known as “NYC Free at the Curb,” assists residents in discovering free objects left on the curb, ranging from previously owned furnishings to other miscellaneous items.

A heartwarming story unfolded through a social media account as a woman discovered a dog left behind in an NYC subway station. This unexpected encounter led to the formation of a unique and special friendship that touched the hearts of many.

On March 27, the popular Instagram account, “stooping”, deviated from its usual content of budget-friendly discoveries to share an urgent message: a distressed dog had been discovered at the Fulton Street subway station, apparently abandoned and frightened.

The account swiftly spread the message that an urgent rescue operation was required, and upon seeing the post, Heather Hamm from New York felt compelled to offer her assistance.

As Heather was scrolling through Instagram, she stumbled upon a post about an abandoned dog. Without hesitation, she called for a Lyft ride to the station where the dog was left. Upon meeting the lonely pup, Heather immediately felt a bond between them.

Heather recounted to Green Matters that she extended her hand, causing the puppy to momentarily retreat before quickly returning to her. It dawned on Heather that the puppy was still very young, as evidenced by her enthusiastic tail wagging, affectionate kisses, and playful jumps. Heather then crouched down and the little pup leaped into her awaiting arms.

The police also appeared at the location and informed her that if there was sufficient space, they could transport the dog to a shelter. However, Heather opted to take the dog to her residence and created a designated area for it.

According to her statement to ABC 7 New York, she exclaimed, “I was thinking, ‘Can she be mine?’ to which they responded, ‘Well, she’s taken a liking to you, so she is now your dog’.”

“I gave her the name Peaches, and she recognized it. Therefore, I believe that’s already her given name,” she stated. Peaches’ age is estimated to be around 6-9 months.

The origin of Peaches is a mystery, as is the identity of the person who left her. A microchip was not found on her. However, the good news came when the veterinarians determined that she was free of any health concerns and received a clean bill of health.

Heather had always planned to rescue a dog, and when she met Peaches, she knew it was meant to be. She adopted Peaches for good and has been thrilled with how well the pup has adjusted. According to Heather, Peaches is very obedient and attentive during walks. She has already learned basic commands such as sit, stay, up, and down. Peaches love to be by Heather’s side and even sleeps at her feet at night.

Heather discovered Peaches through the “free at the curb” Instagram account, thanks to some unexpected events. According to Heather, Peaches is without a doubt the greatest discovery she has ever made.

Heather had to encounter some peculiar situations to bring her and Peaches together. However, according to her, Peaches is unquestionably the most excellent discovery she has made on the “free at the curb” Instagram page.

Heather shared with WABC that she stumbled upon her coffee table and the couch she was lounging on when she spotted the dog, making this her most astonishing stoop discovery to date. She expressed excitement over the abundance of treasures she found on the page.

We are beyond grateful to Heather for rescuing Peaches and providing her with a wonderful new home! This heartwarming news deserves to be shared, so please spread the word!

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