With their kids, Lionel Messi and his wife Antonela leave the Inter Miami stadium in Fort Lauderdale.d

With their kids, Lionel Messi and his wife Antonela leave the Inter Miami stadium in Fort Lauderdale.d

Lionel Messi and his wife, Antonela Roccuzzo, showed joyful expressions on Thursday as they left the DRV PK stadium together with their three children.

Messi, 36, and Roccuzzo, 35, wore matching white sets. The Inter Miami star donned a white jersey paired with gray shorts.

Roccuzzo opted for a white blouse and white jean shorts while taking care of his children, Thiago (10), Mateo (7) and Ciro (5).

Thiago wore a gray Inter Miami jersey during his outing.

Later that night, the family was seen chatting with friends outside the Inter Miami facility.


Leaving the DRV PK stadium, Lionel Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo wore expressions of joy.


Messi has lit up the Miami pitch with his exceptional performance, scoring seven goals in just four games for the club.

As they left the stadium in Fort Lauderdale, the family struck up friendly conversations with acquaintances.

On this occasion, Messi wore a baggy white shirt combined with gray shorts.

Antonela lovingly cared for her youngest son, Ciro, 5, holding his face in her hands.

Antonela greeted a friend dressed in a black shirt and was seen holding a brown bag during the interaction.

The family appears to have settled comfortably in Miami off the pitch, as Messi and Roccuzzo were previously spotted house hunting in Boca Raton.

The couple scouted a luxurious home in Boca Raton, located just an hour north of Miami and just 25 minutes from DRV PK Stadium in Fort Lauderdale.

During the home tour, Messi was shown around the property, which included a golf putting green. One individual even showed a brief activity to Messi.

This would not be the family’s first property in South Florida. They already own a luxurious $9 million apartment overlooking Sunny Isle Beach and the city of Miami.

Reports indicate that the World Cup winner bought the apartment in the Porsche Design Tower as early as 2019.

On the pitch, Messi’s success continues to thrive.

The world champion Argentina remains undefeated in four games with his new club, while Miami advances to the quarterfinals of the League Cup.


Messi seems to be enjoying his time in South Beach since his arrival in the United States.


The couple’s children were seen chatting with some family friends outside the DRV PK stadium.


The Argentine influencer has been associated with Messi since 2007, and the pair have known each other since their childhood.


Messi’s eldest son Thiago was seen wearing a gray Iter Miami jersey during the start.


Messi wore white adidas speakers for the occasion while Atopela opted for gold shoes


апtoпelа also wore a пecklаce апd silʋer watch from Thursday night’s outing in Florida


Messi has been keen to smile since he played in Miami, having scored six goals.


The Ballon d’Or winner of the seventh season began his latest chapter after a spell at PSG.


Messi has been seen frequently in South Florida since his arrival in MLS.


Messi will aim to guide his team to the League Cup semi-finals on Friday night.

The number 10 has already scored seven goals for the club, including an impressive pair of free kicks at the DRV PK Stadium.

Remarkably, this achievement already places him as the fourth highest scorer in the club’s history, sharing the position with Josef Martínez, Lewis Morgan and Rodolfo Pizarro.

Although the club only started play in 2020, Messi is poised to set records in South Beach if he keeps up his current pace.

Messi scored twice in Miami’s 4-4 draw against FC Dallas, and his second goal, a deft free kick in the 85th minute, sent the game to penalties.

Miami then exhibited its composure in the shootout, securing a 5-3 victory.

Messi’s transition to the United States was officially announced last month with a glamorous presentation ahead of his debut. During the debut match, the 36-year-old scored the game-winner in the last minute.

After signing a two and a half year contract with Inter Miami, Messi is projected to earn $50-60 million per season.

The Argentinian international has joined former Barcelona teammates Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba in South Beach.


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