When she got pregnant and fell, no one stopped to help her, she cried her cruel fate (video) q.

When she got pregnant and fell, no one stopped to help her, she cried her cruel fate (video) q.

Although most people love the companionship of a pet, and the concept of getting rid of their dog or cat generally does not enter to mind, cohabitation between humans and animals is not always successful.

Many pets walk the streets, defenseless, unloved, sad and without anybody to love them.

This is the story of Lisa, a dog that was discovered laying on the road, on the chilly asphalt, victim of human shame. She was pregnant, but her alleged assailant didn’t seem to care since she was gravely harmed.

The tiny girl didn’t have the ability to rise up when she was discovered by an angelic kid, which made her rescue much more difficult. Even though his story was circulated on social media, no one else has requested for his aid.

When a pro-animal rights group finally stepped out, it was too late to rescue her beloved kids. In the middle of his agony, he unexpectedly and quietly lost them all.

«A tiny boy discovered a pregnant stray dog who had been beaten and put on the road. We raced to find her quickly, but we couldn’t locate her. «Our volunteers continued searching for her until we noticed her going down the road,» the animal rescue group claimed.

And this is the story of many voiceless creatures, like Lisa, who have to cope with the lack of love of beings they previously trusted, believed in and loved with all their being, and who have to deal with these types of conditions.

«She looked to have just given birth, but regrettably lost all her pups to rectal prolapse and depression.» «We were apprehensive that if we approached her with food, she may run away, but happily, the food drew her attention,» a spokesman for the organisation stated.

The group of volunteers approached the dog cautiously but definitely, exerting a lot of effort and taking tangible actions to secure her safety and help her recover. However, this was not a straightforward process. It took a long time for things to start to improve.

Fortunately, Lisa has been rescued and she is healing. It is already exhibiting significant indications of improvement. It feeds well, it is calmer and it is steadily gaining ground.

«Due to the mistreatment during pregnancy and newborn death, she was severely thin, dehydrated, weak and anemic.» What was the purpose of doing this to this poor wanderer? «Did they beat her only because she was attempting to feed her children?» The organization highlighted.

Of course, after such horrible brutality, Lisa was afraid, skeptical, and constantly defensive. He didn’t even drink water, so a syringe was used to administer critical fluids.

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