Unbreakable Bond: Terminally Ill Patient and Beloved Dog Reunite Against All Odds.d19

Unbreakable Bond: Terminally Ill Patient and Beloved Dog Reunite Against All Odds.d19

Dogs are members of the family: nothing is the same without them. James Wathen, a terminally ill patient , had no choice but to walk away from his dear and faithful dog named Buddha. The separation had effects on both of them but the strength of their bond and mutual love made sure they reunited.

terminal patient

Budda is an eight-year-old Chihuahua who is very close to his owner. One day a friend of Walthen’s, Dennis Elswick, gave Walthen the wife of his little dog, Bubba. When Bubba left home, however, Ozzy, Elswick’s other dog, felt lonely and sad, he missed his friend.

Walthen therefore decided to adopt Ozzy as well. Unfortunately, however, in 2014 Wathen and Bubba were forced to face a series of difficulties: during the month of March Ozzy died. His death made the bond of the other two even stronger since one could only count on the other.

The master discovers he is terminally ill

In 2014, the owner also discovered that he was terminally ill and was admitted to Baptist Health Corbin, in Corbin, Kentucky. While in the hospital, he often thought about his dog, he didn’t know where he was or how he was.

patient with dog

His condition worsened, he stopped eating and talking. At that point, the medical staff set out to find his dog and take him to the hospital. The dog was in an animal shelter and, like his owner, he stopped eating due to lack of him.

When Bubba was brought to his master, James started crying with joy: he couldn’t believe it. Bubba wagged his tail and licked it all over. This scene moved everyone and demonstrated how animals are not just animals but real life companions.” wrote Deanna Myers, director of the animal shelter, on Facebook.

Since Bubba began to visit James, the latter improved but only temporarily: in November he died. Elswicks, he close friend of him, following the death of James decided to take Buddha with him and give him the love he deserved.

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