Touching Moment : Homeless Dog’s Assistance Brings Hope to its Owner’s Pleas for Help /b

Touching Moment : Homeless Dog’s Assistance Brings Hope to its Owner’s Pleas for Help /b

It is said that on a bridge in a certain city there was a beggar. He could not play the lute, could not sing, did not even know how to write down his tragic situation on paper, scatter it on the ground to expect mercy from passersby.

Every day, he could only squat against the bridge, huddled with his face in his knees, next to his thin legs, an old bowl. Fortunately, people crossing the bridge are very crowded, sometimes people also bring a few silver coins to throw in the bowl.

When night comes, the beggar will return to his abode – a suburban vegetable garden, long abandoned. A ramshackle fence surrounded the abandoned vegetable garden, inside was a dilapidated hut, where the old beggar had sheltered from the cold for several cold winters.

In the vegetable garden, there is a dry well, and by the well there is an old tree. The northeast monsoon came, the city received the first snow of winter. The people on the bridge were very sparse, the old beggar was about to return to rest, when suddenly a small dog came running from nowhere.

The dog was so cold that it shivered, sniffing the beggar’s broken bowl, it was because the previous night he had used this bowl for food. The old beggar, in pity, took out a dumpling from his body and gently put it in the bowl.

The little dog looked up at him for a long time, as if touched, then dropped his face into the bowl to eat. The beggar brought the dog to his “home”, from which the dog man entwined and did not leave. The dog is very smart, when he is hungry, he knows how to grab a bowl and run around asking for food. Passers-by, seeing this, were very surprised and delighted, and immediately threw money into the bowl.

The beggar realized this was a great opportunity and trained the dog. Over time, it learned to stand on its hind legs, grabbing begging bowls, and jump back and forth in front of passers-by. So the beggar earns more money.

The beggar suddenly “made fortune”, then took the money to play the lottery. It was impossible to dream that his luck would be so good, and it wasn’t long before he won the jackpot. As if fate so. The beggar bought an abandoned vegetable garden, and from that land built a splendid house, but he still kept the dilapidated hut, the mouth of the well, the old tree stump, and the old fence in the back garden. your home area.

In the beggar’s room, which was full of luxury items, he suddenly became fascinated with collecting antiques, liked to serve long-legged beauties, and liked the surprised and admiring eyes of everyone when he withdrew. There was a large pile of money in the pocket.

The “Beggar Gentleman” began to meet the elite, always carrying his small dog, of course. The matrons enthusiastically supported this hard-working gentleman, and of course no one knew where he came from. The only thing that makes the “beggar gentleman” feel awkward is the small dog, because other upper-class people all raise those precious, purebred dogs!

Until one day, his stubborn puppy bit the ear of a precious female dog, right in the middle of a party. The dog’s owner became enraged, causing the beggar to feel his self-esteem was seriously damaged.

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