The unexpected story about a giant python eating full of food lying in the sun in the middle of the road is helpless people

The unexpected story about a giant python eating full of food lying in the sun in the middle of the road is helpless people

Once upon a time in a small village nestled deep within a dense jungle, there lived a gigantic python named Kong. Kong was known far and wide as the largest and most voracious snake in the entire region. His immense size and insatiable appetite were the stuff of legends, and the mere mention of his name sent shivers down the spines of the villagers.

One fateful day, after a particularly hefty feast, Kong found himself stuffed to the brim. His bulging belly prevented him from moving swiftly, and his immense weight made it impossible for him to slither through the undergrowth. Exhausted and satisfied, Kong decided to bask in the warm rays of the sun, directly in the middle of the main road that connected the village to the outside world.

As news of Kong’s presence spread, the villagers became increasingly worried. The enormous python’s presence blocked their only access to the outside world, leaving them feeling trapped and helpless. No one dared to challenge Kong, as his size and power were awe-inspiring.

Days turned into weeks, and still, Kong remained motionless, lying across the road like an immovable barrier. The villagers grew desperate, unable to carry out their daily activities or reach nearby towns for supplies. They held meetings and brainstormed ideas to solve their predicament, but nothing seemed feasible.

Finally, a young girl named Mei stepped forward with an audacious plan. She had heard stories of a wise old hermit who lived deep in the heart of the jungle. According to the

legends, the hermit possessed extraordinary powers and had the ability to communicate with animals. The villagers, desperate for a solution, agreed to send Mei to seek the hermit’s help.

Mei embarked on her journey, traversing through treacherous terrain and dense foliage. After days of relentless trekking, she finally stumbled upon the hermit’s secluded hut. With great humility, Mei explained the villagers’ plight and beseeched the hermit for assistance.

The hermit, a wizened old man with kind eyes, listened attentively. After a moment of contemplation, he revealed a plan that involved empathy and understanding. The hermit believed that Kong’s actions were not out of malice but merely a consequence of his nature. He suggested that the villagers try to appeal to Kong’s sense of empathy and convince him to move.


Eager to return to her village with a solution, Mei followed the hermit’s instructions. She returned to the village and organized a gathering, where she encouraged the villagers to approach Kong with compassion. They brought offerings of fruits and vegetables, hoping to show Kong that they understood his hunger and respected his power.

With trepidation, the villagers advanced toward the colossal snake, their hearts filled with empathy. They spoke softly, assuring Kong that they understood his need for sustenance and acknowledged his dominance. Gradually, Kong, sensing the genuine concern in their voices, began to stir.

In a slow and deliberate motion, Kong uncoiled his massive body and gradually shifted off the road. As he slithered away, the villagers breathed a collective sigh of relief. Their united efforts and compassionate approach had succeeded where force and fear had failed.

From that day forward, the village learned the power of empathy and understanding. They understood that even the mightiest creatures could be moved by compassion and respect. Kong, too, realized that he could coexist with the villagers in harmony, no longer needing to resort to blocking their path for attention.

The tale of the giant python Kong and the compassionate villagers spread throughout the region, becoming a parable of the strength of empathy. It served as a reminder that even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, understanding and compassion could conquer any challenge and bridge the divide between man and beast.

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