The poor dog got his tongue stuck to the manhole cover because of the cold weather.h

The poor dog got his tongue stuck to the manhole cover because of the cold weather.h

Were you aware that when your tongue touches something really cold, like an ice cube or an icicle, it can get quite sticky? That’s because the wetness on our tongues freezes and causes a strong grip. This might result in amusing mishaps, especially when it’s cold outside. A similar thing happened in Russia not long ago when a dog ended up with her tongue stuck to a frozen manhole cover. She was licking it in an attempt to free herself, but fortunately, she was saved.



In Vladivostok, Russia, a poor dog with an illness found itself in trouble. Its tongue got stuck to a manhole cover due to the freezing cold. The dog was crying and struggling to get its tongue free when a kind-hearted person noticed the situation. They quickly came to the dog’s aid and helped it out of its unfortunate predicament.

The person who came to help rushed over and used water from their bottle to warm up the dog’s tongue and release it. This happened because the temperature was around -15°C at that moment.


Once the whole bottle was used to pour water on the dog’s tongue, the helpful person realized it was the right moment to call for help from the people who were watching.

Fortunately, the dog was eventually freed, and the next part of the video showed that it was okay. After the liquid was used to release the dog from the icy manhole, the video captured the dog walking around.


t the thankful dog and gently touches her chin. This makes the dog extend her tongue, which seems to be perfectly okay.

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