The man surprised everyone by sharing a meal with his dog, showing a unique bond by taking him to a sidewalk

The man surprised everyone by sharing a meal with his dog, showing a unique bond by taking him to a sidewalk

Many individuals used to keep dogs in order to guard their properties against intruders but this functional purpose of dogs has shifted in recent times.

We have dogs that serve different purposes nowadays such service dogs who help owners with certain disabilities such as visual and hearing impairments, seizures, diabetes and so on.

Therapy dogs, on the other hand, helps owners by providing comfort and affection which would usually be found in hospitals, retirement homes or rehabilitation centers.

However, the majority of people who have dogs, keep them around as a part of the family. More and more people are adopting dogs to serve as their companions. In an extreme case of this phenomena, people have been known to treat their pups like their own children!

The situation below was recorded in a busy restaurant in China where we see a man had seated his dog across the table and ordered his food.

Although this is not extremely peculiar, because people have been known to do this, what the man does next definitely turned a few heads.

When his food had arrived, he swiftly pulled out a plastic container and placed it in front of his furry companion. He then poured half of the contents of his bowl into the container and slid it towards the dog.

When they each had a bowl in front of them, they started to eat their meal. This dog is truly lucky to be treated like this!

What seems to be a daily routine for the man to feed his dog this way may come as a surprise to others, but to the man, this is how one would usually treat family members.

Whatever reasons that we might have to keep a dog, be sure to be kind and love them because dogs are proven to be man’s best friends after all. We have seen many instances of dogs saving owners from dangerous situations and in the story above, the man and his pooch have bonded and they provide companionship to each other.

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