The kind woman wept as she heard the dog’s pitiful cry for assistance resound from the roadside trash can q.

The kind woman wept as she heard the dog’s pitiful cry for assistance resound from the roadside trash can q.

A dog’s miserable screams echoed from the roadside garbage can. Two kind-hearted women searched through the dirty trash for the dog. This dog must have been abandoned by its owner. They found the dog inside a garbage bag. The owner of this dog is so heartless, they abandoned the dog in a sealed bag. It looks like this dog is sick.

It is extremely weak and barely clinging to life. The two women took the dog to a pet hospital. They named the dog Eleven. Eleven has a strong will to live, and it cooperated very well with the doctor’s examination. The doctor said Eleven’s condition was very poor and required hospitalization. So, the two kind-hearted women arranged for Eleven to stay in the hospital.

It understood that it was being saved, so it obediently cooperated with the treatment. The next day, the women came to visit Eleven. Its condition was very bad, and there was vomit next to it. When it saw the women, it struggled to get up. You could clearly see that it was very weak. To welcome the women’s arrival, it forced itself to get up despite its weakness.

In the evening, the women came again. When they saw the blood stains and vomit in the cage, the women burst into tears on the spot. The doctor found many parasites in Eleven’s bloody stool. On the third day, it had a runny nose, and its digestive and respiratory systems were seriously damaged. It was decided to transfer Eleven to another hospital for treatment.

After the transfer, Eleven’s condition seemed to improve slightly. The doctor first tested Eleven for canine distemper. The result came back negative. Its temperature was 39.4 degrees Celsius, indicating a fever. Eleven fell asleep when receiving an IV due to its weakness. In the evening, it had bloody stool again Eleven’s intestinal damage was severe and very dangerous.

On the fourth day, Eleven showed some improvement and did not have bloody stools. However, it still had sticky mucus from its nose. It had a very poor mental state and lay there motionless most of the time. Eleven would often secretly stare at the women, and when caught, it would shyly turn its head away.

Unfortunately, Eleven had another bloody stool that evening. There were still many parasites in the stool. Despite this, Eleven acted like a child who had done something wrong. On the fifth day, Eleven’s mental state worsened, and its lungs became severely infected. It had symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea.

It vomited three times in one morning. It did not have bloody stools but had nasal discharge-like excrement. On the sixth day, Eleven’s condition did not worsen, but it did not improve either. The doctor wanted to take Eleven’s blood for testing, but it was too anemic to do so. That evening, Eleven’s condition suddenly worsened, and it could no longer walk.

It had loose stools again, indicating its condition was very poor. The doctor said it was very dangerous that night. On the seventh day, Eleven was still alive, but its body was even weaker. It did not eat or drink anything. The doctor had to force feed it. On the eighth day, there was no improvement in Eleven’s condition.

The doctor issued two critical condition notifications, but Eleven made it through. Eleven became weaker and weaker, and now even breathing is difficult for it. On the ninth day, Eleven received a blood transfusion. Its condition had become very bad. In the afternoon at five o’clock, it let out its final cries.

Its breath began to weaken. At 5:06, it stopped breathing. Death is also a kind of relief! With such a good personality, Eleven will surely make many good friends in heaven. No more injections or medication, and no more pain. I’m sorry I couldn’t save you. Goodbye, Eleven!

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