Strange but true: The survival resilience of the two-legged dog

Strange but true: The survival resilience of the two-legged dog

Putol – a pitiful dog with disabilities but extraordinary resilience. Fortunately, he met a kind-hearted owner, and now Putol has a happy and joyful life with the person he is most loyal to.

Putol, a pitiful 6-year-old dog, was abandoned at birth due to his disability of having only two hind legs. Fortunately, Putol was rescued by Danilo Codilego Jr, who lives in Casiguran, Philippines.

“I first met Putol about 6 years ago when I was working at a bakery. One day, a colleague brought in 4 dogs and tried to sell them for 5000 pesos (around 6.2 million VND). The cute dogs were quickly sold, but Putol remained because he was born with only two hind legs. No one wanted to take care of him, and even the owner wanted to throw him away. At that moment, I thought that I needed to take care of this pitiful dog. I couldn’t think of any other fancy name to give him besides Putol. In his first 2 years, Putol struggled to move around with only two legs, but he quickly learned to balance himself on his front legs. He is truly a resilient dog! Now, Putol’s life is completely free of any obstacles,” shared Putol’s owner.

Thanks to the kind-heartedness of his owner, Putol is well taken care of and has adapted to a life of walking on two legs. He quickly integrates and plays with other dogs in the Casiguran area, Quezon City, Philippines. He even knows how to guard the home and protect his beloved owner.

Putol tries his best to protect me and barks whenever there is a stranger around. He also gets jealous when I play with other dogs. Putol is quite friendly and loved in the neighborhood. When I go to work, people often help me take care of Putol. The only sad thing is that due to his disability, Putol cannot have puppies,” said Danilo.

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