Senior Dog Left Outside Animal Shelter With A Heart-Wrenching Note

Senior Dog Left Outside Animal Shelter With A Heart-Wrenching Note

When rescuers initially encountered Perry, the 10-year-old Pyrenees had been left outside their shelter with a devastating note and a pail of water. The handwritten message read: “Over 10 yrs old. Can no longer walk.” Despite his previous owner’s cruel abandonment, these dedicated individuals vowed to provide this gentle pup with all the love he deserved.

In addition to being completely immobile, the heartbreaking truth was that this old dog fully grasped he had been deserted by his owner. “He couldn’t move,” Mason Groesbeck – a shelter worker from Wanderers’ Rest Humane Association – told WSYR-TV; reflecting on how sorrowfully depressed this poor pup appeared.

As soon as they took the abandoned dog inside, rescuers started to think his ‘disability’ might be caused by long-term neglect.

After a vet confirmed Perry had two forms of Lyme disease, it was now clear that he was simply ill.

After diligent physical therapy and lots of love, Perry made a full recovery – to the point where he acted like a whole new pup! “I was in tears when I first saw him,” said Sabrina Wilcox, manager of the shelter. “He’s so much better now; it just melts my heart.” Furthermore, his rescuers even had to cut off his matted coat which hindered his movement significantly.

The heartbreaking story of Perry moved countless people across the internet, resulting in thousands of comments from concerned readers. Thanks to their generosity and compassion, an incredible $6,000 was raised to support his medical care so that he can regain movement.

Through these donations made by generous dog lovers, heroic rescuers were able to provide him with a second chance at life!

Regrettably, Perry’s former owner is facing legal action for not supplying the necessary medical attention that could have prevented this story from unfolding. However, rescuers are doing what they can to make sure this miserable experience serves as a lesson in why we should never abandon our beloved animals.

Wilcox stresses that although we strive to take action quickly, it is just as vital for people to recognize why neglecting animals isn’t acceptable. For anyone who’s having difficulty providing sustenance or the right care for their pets, there are plenty of resources at hand—simply contact your local shelter or humane society. (It can make all the difference!)

Perry’s physical therapist is providing foster care for him, and they are making sure he experiences a life full of pampering to make up for the years of neglect that Perry endured. Wilcox commented, “They’ve gone above and beyond in terms of spoiling Perry – it’s something he truly deserves!” It’s hard to disagree with this sentiment – after all, who doesn’t deserve some love?

Take a look at this amazing video and witness how gracefully this senior pup is walking!

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