Rescue a little dog, take him to the vet and then back to him: the joy of both is indescribable.d19

Rescue a little dog, take him to the vet and then back to him: the joy of both is indescribable.d19

This man did something sweet that certainly could not go unnoticed

When love for those less fortunate than us takes over, what happens is immensely beautiful and amazing. In fact, you cannot miss this very sweet and very tender story, which will show you the most delicate and compassionate side of a man who seems big and tall but who hides the soul of a teddy bear in his heart. We must take an example from people like him, the protagonist of these short lines, who did not miss the opportunity to save the life of a little dog who prayed every day to have a family.

He was in desperate condition and only the help of one person could have saved him. Unfortunately, however, we must remember that not everyone is willing to sacrifice some of their time for a dog. I hope that whoever is reading this story, therefore, understands the importance of stopping one’s hectic life for a second, to enjoy some healthy empathy .

a dog named Mojo

This sweet little dog is called Mojo and was saved thanks to the love of a man, Joey Wagner . He lives in Nova Scotia and, when he realized the conditions in which the little furry boy was pouring, he didn’t waste a moment of his time. He immediately ran to the nearest veterinary clinic to ensure assistance and, with that, his life too.

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When Joey first saw Mojo he knew something was wrong. First of all, he had no hair and could hardly walk. So, he decided to take the sweet Pit Bull puppy and take him to the clinic. Here, in fact, they told Joey that they absolutely had to hospitalize Mojo as he had scabies , a terrible skin disease.

a Pit bull breed dog

He didn’t object but he was so in love with the little dog that as soon as he knew he was better that he was ready for adoption , he immediately ran to him. When he arrived at the clinic he was greeted with a big party. Everyone knew why he was there and the reason was the sweetest Mojo, the two had become inextricably inseparable.

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