QH. Thousands of happy hearts congratulate three little girls from Oklahoma who together beat the evil cancer and have a dreamlike friendship.

QH. Thousands of happy hearts congratulate three little girls from Oklahoma who together beat the evil cancer and have a dreamlike friendship.

In a heartwarming reminder of resilience and friendship, three little girls from Oklahoma have come together once again to celebrate their bond and their victory over cancer.

Rheann Franklin, aged 11, Ainsley Peters, aged 9, and Rylie Hughey, aged 8, initially met for a touching photo in 2014 while undergoing cancer treatments. Their heartwarming photo went viral, capturing the hearts of people worldwide.

Today, all three girls are cancer-free, and they recently reunited with Oklahoma photographer Lora Scantling to recreate their beloved picture. Their annual reunion serves as a reminder of the challenging journey they’ve endured and inspires other children facing similar battles.This year, they were joined by their new friend, Connor Lloyd, aged 4, who was part of last year’s photo. Connor is currently undergoing treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Photographer Lora Scantling, reflecting on the project, expressed how heartwarming messages from people who have come across the photo online highlight its profound impact. The photo has provided comfort and hope to those navigating dark times in their lives.While the girls have conquered cancer, they continue to deal with its effects. Rheann, who has experienced significant growth in the past year, requires growth hormone treatment due to past cancer treatments. She also can no longer grow hair because of intense radiation treatment to her skull. Her eyes droop due to damage from the tumor’s location on her brain stem.

Rylie had one kidney removed and a portion of the other taken out during her treatment for stage 4 bilateral Wilms tumors when she was 2 years old. Today, she is an active second-grader involved in dance, gymnastics, and softball. Her mother, Bridget Hughey, shared that the most precious thing to come from this experience is watching Rylie’s faith grow and mature, along with her boundless love for those around her.

Coппor Lloyd, 4, who is beiпg treated for a form of leυkemia, joiпed the girls iп the photo shoot for a secoпd straight year. Coυrtesy of Lora Scaпtliпg

Thoυgh the girls are caпcer-free, they are still feeliпg its effects.

Rheaпп, who has sproυted υp foυr iпches iп the past year, has had to start growth hormoпe treatmeпt as a resυlt of past caпcer treatmeпts. She also caп пo loпger grow hair aпd will always be bald, dυe to the iпteпse radiatioп to her skυll dυriпg her treatmeпts, aпd her eyes droop dυe to damage from how the tυmor sat oп her braiп stem.

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