QH. The ripe age of 92, Dr. Parkes is retired from his profession but remains committed to his passion for animal care: "Handcrafting Custom Wheelchairs for Dogs with Disabilities".

QH. The ripe age of 92, Dr. Parkes is retired from his profession but remains committed to his passion for animal care: “Handcrafting Custom Wheelchairs for Dogs with Disabilities”.


Dr. Lincoln Parkes has devoted a significant portion of his life to taking care of animals that require assistance. He’s spent years working as a veterinarian and has provided invaluable support and care to numerous animals during their most difficult times. As he reaches the ripe age of 92, Dr. Parkes is retired from his profession but remains committed to his passion for animal care. Despite retiring from his white coat, his love for animals continues to thrive, and he welcomes the opportunity to dedicate his golden years to his lifelong passion. One of the dogs he has helped mobilise is a testament to his enduring dedication and compassion towards animals.

Meet Lincoln, the founder of K-9 Carts, a company that specializes in creating wheelchairs for disabled dogs. Lincoln’s passion for designing special carts for animals began long before his retirement. In fact, he has been producing doggy wheelchairs since the 60s! Seeing a pup light up with happiness after being fitted with a new wheelchair is what makes Lincoln the happiest. Now that he is retired, Lincoln can dedicate all his time and energy into K-9 Carts, bringing joy to many more furry friends in need.

The story begins with Dr. Parkes taking on a new project – building a set of doggy wheels. This was prompted by a concerned owner who brought in his paralyzed pet, a victim of a car accident. The dog’s hind legs were rendered useless, making it impossible for the poor animal to walk. The owner was understandably distraught and was seriously considering putting his beloved furry friend down. The situation was heartbreaking, as the dog’s quality of life had greatly diminished, and the owner was struggling to provide for its needs.

Dr. Parkes has aided numerous dogs, and one of them was a pooch that was unable to walk due to paralysis. However, a man named Lincoln had a bright idea to help the furry friend. He constructed a small cart for the pup and took it for a spin. Along with the pup’s owner, they played with a frisbee in a field and witnessed the pup sprint after the flying disc, leap into the air, and catch it. This experience was life-changing for all involved, as Lincoln’s cart helped the pup regain its mobility and gave him a new purpose in life. As a result, Lincoln created K-9 Carts and has since been enhancing the lives of disabled pups.

The K-9 Cart Company’s founder, Dr. Parkes, puts his heart and soul into crafting custom carts for every dog he encounters. Despite being 92 years old, he remains committed to his work and passionate about saving lives. Dr. Parkes is a remarkable individual who has made a significant impact as a veterinarian and through his innovative puppy wheelchairs. His compassion and dedication have earned him high praise online and have restored people’s faith in humanity. We are truly inspired by his selfless actions and the countless lives he has touched.

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