QH. The mother's boundless love and the resilient, indomitable fighting spirit of the boy born without facial and skull bones.

QH. The mother’s boundless love and the resilient, indomitable fighting spirit of the boy born without facial and skull bones.

On September 17, 2017, the world witnessed the remarkable story of baby Owen Masterson, born in Missouri, USA, with acalvaria—a rare condition where a child is born without the bones of the face and skull. Owen’s parents, Tom and Jessica, faced a daunting reality from the moment they learned of his condition. Doctors expressed grim predictions, suggesting that Owen had little chance of survival and even recommended terminating the pregnancy.

The discovery of Owen’s condition came during a routine ultrasound at 24 weeks of Jessica’s pregnancy. Doctors initially couldn’t confirm whether his brain was fully covered by his skull. Seeking answers, Tom and Jessica consulted an ultrasound specialist, who delivered devastating news: Owen had “very abnormal brain development,” but the specific condition remained undiagnosed. At 27 weeks pregnant, the couple received the definitive diagnosis of acalvaria—a condition with a low chance of survival.

Despite the overwhelmingly bleak outlook, Tom and Jessica remained resolute in their decision to keep their baby. Despite the grim medical forecasts, Owen was born, filling his family with immeasurable joy. “I felt that when he was in my mother’s womb, he was safe. I couldn’t do anything when he was born and after that. I thought like that, that my son needed to stay,” Jessica emotionally shared.

A day and a half after his birth, Owen was allowed to go home, leaving the medical community astounded by his remarkable survival. While Owen faced challenges, including ear infections and a stomach virus, he managed to maintain a relatively stable condition during his first year. However, due to his unique condition, Owen couldn’t crawl or move as freely as other babies, necessitating mobility aids.

Owen’s life has been marked by difficulties due to his lack of a skull, fragile health, and limited mobility compared to other children. Despite these challenges, he has reached the age of four, and his health remains relatively stable. Owen’s parents, Tom and Jessica, don’t know how long their son will be with them, but they maintain an unwavering sense of hope. They view Owen as a resilient “warrior” and continue to place their trust in his indomitable spirit.

Tom and Jessica occasionally share pictures of Owen on their social networking sites, celebrating his life and his remarkable journey. Their story serves as a testament to a mother’s boundless love and the strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

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