QH. Terrible pain: "Dog Blinded in One Eye by Acid Attack Ready to ‘Begin Again’ After Makeover".

QH. Terrible pain: “Dog Blinded in One Eye by Acid Attack Ready to ‘Begin Again’ After Makeover”.

A German shepherd who was left blinded in one eye following a shocking acid attack has shaken off the trauma of her past life with the help of a canine makeover.

In a video posted to TikTok by U.K.-based pet grooming company Doggy Styling, viewers were introduced to River, a dog who endured unimaginable suffering and has been left with horrific scars.

“River had acid thrown on her when she lived in China and was rescued and brought back to England, where she now lives with her family,” Olivia, a content creator at Doggy Styling, told Newsweek. “She is blind in one eye and can’t close that eye due to the scarring.”

The Humane Society says an estimated 10 million to 20 million dogs are slaughtered in China every year as part of the region’s brutal meat trade. That trade results in canines facing terrible cruelty.

While the details of what happened to River are not clear—efforts to contact his owner via Doggy Styling were not successful—she is undoubtedly one of the lucky ones.

She is now free and living a new life in the U.K., and her owners decided it was high time River had her first grooming. The staff began by removing much of his undercoat. That was no easy task, though. Olivia said River was “understandably sensitive to touch” given what she had been through.

River the German Shepherd.

As part of the pampering service, the German shepherd was de-shedded in a process that saw River react to even the slightest pull on her coat. Thankfully, staffers were on hand to provide “constant reassurance” that she would be OK. After removing a “mountain” of hair, they proceeded to bathe the canine, taking care to avoid washing her face as she is unable to close her one damaged eye.

Throughout the day, staffers were amazed at how well River coped.

Olivia said: “To go through the stress of relocating to a new country and a new family whilst also recovering from a horrific injury would be enough to make any dog hate strangers.”

Yet River was somehow both “friendly and eager to please” throughout the process, Olivia said. By the end of the session, she appeared beautiful, perfectly trimmed and “ready to begin again” with her new owners.

The clip showing her dramatic transformation has been viewed over 850,000 times, with fans gushing over River’s fresh new look. “So beautiful and brave for her first groom,” one user wrote.

Another commented: “I hope she will lead a happy life from now on.” A third said: “Glad she’s now got the love she deserves,” while a fourth added: “What a beautiful dog.”

Olivia told Newsweek: “We want the video to bring awareness to cases like River’s. It also promotes rescuing a dog over buying a puppy, as there are a lot of dogs out there that need homes but aren’t fortunate enough to have them.”


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