QH. Sick, hungry and scabies, the husky dog ​​finds new joy in a life filled with boundless.

QH. Sick, hungry and scabies, the husky dog ​​finds new joy in a life filled with boundless.

Sick, starving and covered in mange, a husky was found wandering the streets of Sacramento.

The workers at Front Street Animal Shelter took the dog into their care in early December and named her Sugar.

“With all she has been through, we are amazed to see her kind and gentle demeanor with our staff,” the shelter posted to Facebook when they first admitted her.

They called the road ahead of her “a long journey to recovery.”

But a few weeks later, just in time for Christmas, Sugar had already made huge strides. By some stroke of luck she was recovered enough to spend the holiday with a loving foster family. Despite ongoing pain, she was able to make a friend: an enthusiastic little Chihuahua recovering from burns.

Soon she was getting soothing baths, as rescuers were trying to find a medication for her mange that didn’t cause an allergic reaction.

By the time the holidays rolled around, Sugar was getting the medicine she needed – and the love. She cuddled up to her lively foster family under the Christmas tree.

“She still has a long road ahead but, as you can see from the photos, life is good for Sugar!” the shelter posted to Facebook last week.

Already the new year has brought more good luck for Sugar. A visit to Front Street Animal Shelter last week shows just how far she’s come.

“Sugar’s coat is starting to regrow, and she’s turning into an exceptionally loving lap dog!” the shelter wrote in an update.

We’re rooting for you, Sugar.

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