QH. Pity for the military dog ​​to feel sorry for, sorry to say goodbye to his owner, making everyone touched.

QH. Pity for the military dog ​​to feel sorry for, sorry to say goodbye to his owner, making everyone touched.

If you are one of those who believe in soulmates, in your best life partner, in your four-legged better half, this is the right place for you. And that’s it, the history of the relationship between dogs and humans is an ancient history clouded by the fog of time.

The fidelity and interplay between the two are so close that they transcend space, any area or context of life, and even, many times, last beyond death. This is the immense relationship we establish with our best furry friends.

Jia Chuan is an officer in the People’s Republic of China Army, leader of the dog training group. After eight years of uninterrupted service in the barracks, he was preparing to return home.

He would leave behind many friends and acquaintances, but none like Da Mao, a golden retriever who trained and became his unconditional companion during the long time he served his country.

The furry smart one knew very well what was about to happen.

The two were inseparable, so when they said goodbye, as soon as he made it, the puppy jumped into Jia Chuan’s arms, with whom he lived day and night for two years before retiring. A farewell that broke the hearts of several Internet users on digital platforms.

From Da Mao it was clear that his human would be gone for good. That’s why, when she let go of the collar, she ran to him and took the opportunity to give him a dose of intense love. She wrapped her paws around him and kissed him repeatedly before pulling away from him. I didn’t want to let him go.

The most touching thing about the scene was that when Jia formally introduced the canine to his new trainer and colleague, the animal ran after him and pounced on him again to show him how much it loved him one last time.

“This is making me cry. Can the military take the dog away at once? ”, asked a commentator on the video.

Minutes later, his new trainer tried to take him elsewhere, but Da Mao released him again and ran towards Jia for the third time, hoping, perhaps, that everything was a nightmare and that his old friend would stay with him.

“This adorable dog knows everything. Veteran greetings,” another user wrote.

Obviously, after working together for so long and learning from each other, this separation must have been extremely painful for both of them. Instead, we prefer to keep the tenderness of the scene in our retinas. Definitely one more story that shows us that the dog is, without a doubt, man’s best friend.

A dog has in itself the beauty of a complete existence and, despite all the differences with us in terms of organic development, there is in them the feeling of an intimate affinity, of indisputable solidarity.

Loving an animal all the time we spend in its company is not enough. Because the truth is that, next to them, when we stop to contemplate them with a look of tenderness and love, we realize that time flies and does not recover. Share your love.

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