QH. Never give up: "The inspirational story of the uncle who was amputated with four legs still strong to overcome adversity makes everyone feel moved."

QH. Never give up: “The inspirational story of the uncle who was amputated with four legs still strong to overcome adversity makes everyone feel moved.”

For a dog, losing her four legs was not an obstacle to getting ahead . Despite her unfortunate state, especially because of what caused her to end up like this, she never gave up and her story is a true example of struggle and improvement.Puppies are definitely beings of light!

In South Korea they eat gaegogi, which means dog meat. Chi Chi was one of those puppies that were born to be eaten. According to her Facebook page of hers, the 2-year-old Golden Lab was tied up in the worst way possible, because they thought her meat would be more tender that way. They also filled her with food so that she would gain weight faster.

It’s hard to believe that he almost died in a garbage bag.

Monique Hanson, adoption coordinator for  Animal Rescue, Media & Education (ARME), was truly devastated when she was found. They had never found anything like it.

“Chi Chi was hung for so long that her restraints began to do such damage to her skin that the cuts had already reached her bones.”

“At some point, it was literally bone that I was hanging upside down from.”

chichi loses her legs 2

little legs

Due to Chi Chi’s condition, the little animal was no longer fit for consumption due to its severe injuries. So they couldn’t think of a better way to get rid of the poor thing than to throw it away like someone who throws away an old and useless piece of furniture.

Fortunately, his story did not end there.

chichi loses her legs 3

When they found her, she was still alive. Despite everything Chi Chi had been through, she still had an incredible will to live. It was that same spirit that prompted her rescuers to give her a fighting chance.

Immediately, they took her to a hospital where all 4 legs had to be amputated so that she could live.

Chi Chi is still under the care of the  Nabiya Irion Hope Project and ARME.

chichi loses its legs 4

chichi loses its legs 5

After Chi Chi rehabilitates herself and gets used to walking again, she’ll make a quick stop at ARME in California and head on to her new home in Arizona.

It is only a matter of time before she fully heals and enjoys a family that fills her with love.

chichi loses its legs 6

The Howells are her new family and Chi Chi won’t be the only adopted dog to be rescued, that family also has two Beagles that they rescued from the  Beagle Freedom Project .

Everything is ready for Chi Chi to land in the United States and meet her new family.

chichi loses its legs 7


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