QH. Jade- 28-year-old , has defied expectations by continuing her pole dancing passion even during pregnancy.(Video)

QH. Jade- 28-year-old , has defied expectations by continuing her pole dancing passion even during pregnancy.(Video)

Pole dancing, often considered a controversial art form, has witnessed a remarkable transformation in recent years, breaking stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding it. One individual, in particular, 28-year-old Jade, has defied expectations by continuing her pole dancing passion even during pregnancy.

Jade’s journey is nothing short of extraordinary. Her dedication to pole dancing was so unwavering that her periods stopped due to low body fat levels. Medical professionals believed she was infertile, and her only chance of conceiving was through IVF. Yet, fate had other plans for Jade. After making lifestyle adjustments, gaining some weight, and relaxing her rigorous fitness routine, Jade discovered that she was not infertile after all. She and her partner, Nathan, were soon expecting their first child.

But what about her love for dancing? Jade had concerns about continuing her pole dancing journey during pregnancy. She temporarily paused her training until medical professionals gave her the green light. She then resumed dancing, albeit with some modifications. In addition to pole dancing, Jade explored dance on canvases, ensuring the safety of her growing baby.

Jade shared her experience, saying, “I was very lucky that I did not have morning sickness, fatigue, or discomfort. I think it’s because of my training. I continued to perform until 17 weeks, making sure not to put undue stress on my baby. If I danced on canvases, I took extra care of my stomach to avoid any harm. If there was any discomfort, I immediately stopped.”

Her doctors reassured her that she was in great shape and perfectly healthy, with no reason to quit dancing. In fact, they encouraged her to continue, emphasizing that abruptly stopping her training could adversely affect her health.

Jade, who had been passionate about dancing since the age of 16, did not let pregnancy hinder her. She had trained for six hours a day and even performed with the circus. Ultimately, her training did not harm her baby, and she gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Maddox, weighing 3900 grams.

Jade’s dedication to fitness also paid off in the postpartum period, as her stomach quickly tightened, and she experienced minimal stretch marks.

The medical perspective on staying active during pregnancy is clear: maintaining a consistent lifestyle is key. For those who were not physically active before conceiving, starting a rigorous exercise routine is not advisable. Instead, gentle activities like regular walks are recommended. For those accustomed to exercise, modifications and reduced intensity during the first and third trimesters are crucial, with a focus on avoiding exercises that target the rectus abdominis muscles and heavy lifting exceeding 5kg.

Jade’s story serves as an inspiring example of how maintaining a healthy level of physical activity during pregnancy can be beneficial. However, it’s important to consult with a healthcare professional before embarking on any exercise regimen during pregnancy. Never start training on your own, as every pregnancy is unique and requires specialized guidance.

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