QH. Have you ever wondered why God is unfair? Emmy-A young boy who experienced the most terrible thing was having a horrible accident and burned 80% of his body when he was only two months old.

QH. Have you ever wondered why God is unfair? Emmy-A young boy who experienced the most terrible thing was having a horrible accident and burned 80% of his body when he was only two months old.

Sometimes we really wonder why the worst things on earth happen to the poorest people, but no one has ever managed to answer this question.

Today we bring you a story of a five-year-old child with eighty percent burns on his body.

The little boy is called emmy.

She is the mother to Emmy.

She says that her son was involved in a serious accident where he got burnt, and all that happened when he was just two months old.

A few years ago she gave birth to this little boy and she was so happy.

She named him emmy and she promised herself to give this baby the best life that she could ever afford.

Thus, she was very poor.

A lot of people, including her friends and family, always came to visit this baby, since they were also too happy to have someone new in their family and society.

Everything was going on as everyone expected.

She lives in a house with no electricity and they use candles to light it up every night, because installing electricity was something that was very expensive and she did not have that kind of money.

So the only way to have light during night was by the use of these candles.

One day she got visitors at around 8pm.

They had come to visit this little baby and by this time amy was two months old.

She welcomed them into the house and they had a nice conversation and everything was going on just fine.

It was getting late and they asked to leave.

She asked to escort them.

She took her baby to bed and put him under a Mosquito net.

Then she went to say goodbye to the visitors that had gone out of the house, and when she was on her way back home she had people around her house screaming- not even nothing, but the condo that was next to the baby’s bed had fell and burnt the Mosquito net from the Mosquito net.

It burnt the bed too and the mattress as well.

When the neighbor saw the fire, they came out and started calling for help.

She ran as fast as she could and she got to the house.

They told her that the fire was too much and they could not go in there, but they were hearing a baby crying inside and she ran into the house to save her baby.

When she got inside, she found her baby burning and she grabbed him and ran out of the house and according to her, she also got burnt in the process, but she at least managed to save her baby’s life.

She immediately ran to the nearby hospital and they gave them first aid and an ambulance that was used to transfer them to a much bigger hospital.

They were admitted in a hospital where they spent a whole year trying to cure the wounds on the baby, but they were so serious that she never thought that her baby was going to make it out alive.

She was living with her husband, but when he saw what had happened to their child, he immediately said that emmy was not his son at all.

He walked away and went to look for another life.

She says that he got married to another woman who they are now living together.

Hassan is 5 years old, but he has never gone to school because he is so scared of how he looks, and his mother says that, though her son has a damaged body, he seems brilliant and she is sure that once amy is able to go to school, he will come up with amazing grades.

According to his mother, Emmy is a very short-tempered child and when he gets angry he breaks a lot of things and always smashes his body down on the ground, which also hurts him and brings about a lot of wounds on his body.

She has to take care of her children, yet she sells vegetables by the roadside, which is not a very good job, since she hardly affords what to eat on a daily basis for her and her for children, and she says that this is always challenging.

Her amy does not have his left ear and the left side of his nose, too, does not work, which makes his living even more complicated.

He says that he has friends that go to school and they are the ones that taught him how to count, just like he’s doing it.


And he says that he has hope that one day he will be okay, just like the kids that he always plays with him.

They are living in a very poor condition and a very small, dirty and old house, and they face a problem because when it rains, the house also gets wet inside and it makes them stay up all night when it is raining.

However much they face this problem, the house does not belong to them at all and the owner wants them out anytime from now.

She says that she did not manage to give her son the treatment that he deserved because it was very expensive and she did not have that kind of money.

And she says the first thing that she wants to do when she gets money is to take her son for advanced treatment, because it is all that she ever wanted.

She is requesting everyone that is watching this video to help her son get advanced treatment, because she will never be able to forgive herself if her son amy grows up like this.

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