QH. Abandoned because of the loss of part of his face, but luck has smiled - his life seems to start all over again for the better.

QH. Abandoned because of the loss of part of his face, but luck has smiled – his life seems to start all over again for the better.

Everyone likes dogs who are cute. But even the weirdest dogs have nice personalities on the inside, and they all deserve to be loved. Some animal shelters say that “ugly” dogs are less likely to be adopted, so they try to get potential owners to look past the dogs’ flaws.

Because of a physical problem, one dog’s family had to leave him behind, and they were worried about what would happen to him. But a small group of kind people saved him and gave him the love and attention he needed. In 2015, Huntsville, Texas, animal control got Bjarni, a mixed-breed dog with a very interesting look.

The dog’s lips and nose were only half there. He has crooked teeth and bite marks because he was hurt by another animal. It was hard for him to breathe and eat. Animal control officers were able to find the people who owned Bjarni. Sad to say, it seems like they didn’t care much about getting their puppy, so they let him die.

When his family turned around, Bjarni was taken back to the shelter. A few guardian angels came to the rescue and made sure the sick dog got the care he needed.

Anne Graber, who started the Texas-based animal rescue group St. Francis’ Angels, took Bjarni in when she heard he was sick and promised to take care of him until he was well enough to be adopted. Graber says the dog is “vivacious and charming,” even though he has physical limitations.

Graber looked for clinics that did the procedure because she was determined to make Bjarni look better. Jason Balara from Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists was found, and he agreed to fix the dog’s nose. Through their Facebook page, St. Francis’ Angels gave money to help pay for medical bills. Also, many people gave money and goods worth $5,100 to the cause.

During treatment, Bjarni’s sinuses and nasal canals were also rebuilt. Graber thought that the surgery would make the dog “very cute and very adoptable,” make it easier for him to breathe and feed himself, and make him look better. Since Bjarni turned out to be a very different dog, this was a very big deal.

After his surgery, Bjarni’s life changed. A few months later, he went to live with a new family. Graber says she was glad to help Bjarni because she knows how things would have turned out for him if she hadn’t.

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