QH. A beautiful baby girl entered the world through an unexpected and dramatic experience on a Boeing 747 - a Turkish Airlines flight that made everyone smile happily.

QH. A beautiful baby girl entered the world through an unexpected and dramatic experience on a Boeing 747 – a Turkish Airlines flight that made everyone smile happily.

In an extraordinary and heartwarming turn of events, a beautiful baby girl made her entrance into the world during a Turkish Airlines flight, and her incredible birth was captured in heartwarming photographs. This remarkable story unfolded at an altitude of 42,000 feet aboard a Boeing 747 en route to Burkina Faso, turning a routine journey from Conakry, Guinea into an unforgettable experience.

Các tiếp viên hàng không chụp ảnh với bé gái được gọi là Kadiju. Ảnh: Turkish Airlines
Nafi Diaby, the courageous mother, began experiencing labor pains mid-flight, prompting an unexpected and dramatic delivery. Thankfully, the airline’s cabin crew, renowned for their professionalism and dedication, sprang into action to ensure a safe delivery for both mother and baby. This brave little girl was named Kadijv, bringing joy and happiness to all those onboard as well as the world beyond.

The cabin crew and fellow passengers rallied to assist Nafi, who was 28 weeks pregnant at the time. After a successful birth, the airline workers proudly posed for pictures with the newborn, including the captain, all of them beaming with smiles.

Ca sinh diễn ra thành công trên máy bay. Ảnh: Turkish Airlines

Baby Kadijv is doing well and was promptly wrapped in a cozy blanket and cared for by the air force personnel who provided her with the initial medical assistance she needed. Upon landing, both mother and daughter were swiftly transported to the nearest hospital in Ouagadougou, where they received a thorough examination by medical professionals. The good news is that they are both in excellent health and spirits.

In summary, this remarkable event had a happy ending—a story that will undoubtedly be shared and remembered for years to come. It serves as a testament to the swift response and care provided by the Turkish Airlines hostesses and crew.

The airline expressed its gratitude to its employees with a heartwarming photo on Twitter, depicting the smiling stewardesses holding little Kadijv in their arms, accompanied by the words, “Welcome aboard, princess! Applause goes to our cabin attendants!”

Generally, some airlines allow women in an advanced state of pregnancy to fly, with regulations permitting travel up to the 36th week. However, starting from the 28th week, a doctor’s authorization is typically required.

While giving birth during a flight is a rare occurrence, it is not impossible. The exact number of births at high altitudes is uncertain, but it is estimated to be around 50. The first documented mid-flight birth occurred in 1929, and the latest is the heartwarming tale of little Kadijv, born on April 7.

One intriguing question that arises in such cases concerns the nationality assumed by the unborn child. What will be written in the baby’s passport under the “place of birth”? In such situations, the legal rules of the country the plane is flying over typically apply. As for what will be written in the “place of birth” field, it can range from imaginative descriptions like “at sea” to “on a plane.” The most important thing, however, is that these extraordinary births indeed happen!

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