Puppy Found a New Home after 200 Days After Being Dumped at His Adoption Party

Puppy Found a New Home after 200 Days After Being Dumped at His Adoption Party

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Most of us have seen a tragic scene in movies where a child was thrown out at their birthday party. As unfortunate as it sounds, situations like these can sometimes happen in real life. This story was recently told at Battersea Brands Hatch, Kent, England.

A 5-year-old dog named Luke has been in the shelter for the last 6 months. On Valentine’s Day, Luke had an adoption party planned for him. The hope was that he would find a forever home. Sadly, no one attended the party, and Luke is still at the shelter looking for his soulmate.

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Luke has been staying at the shelter for 6 months

The staff at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home organized an adoption party for Luke in preparation for Valentine’s Day

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Here’s Luke’s profile on the shelter’s website.

“Adorable Luke needs a home to provide him with a warm bed and plenty of soft toys. Luke came to Battersea as an escaped stray. We don’t know anything about his past life. Luke is a good friend to all staff, but he can be sensitive and nervous around new people. Luke must be allowed to settle in the home with his new owners and introduced to others slowly. Luke will be most comfortable.

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Luke, who is five years old, is a loving and affectionate dog, despite spending a lot of time at the Battersea Brans Hatch shelter, in Kent, England. He now has his favorite spot with incredible people. The shelter responded to a request for an update by saying:

“Remember Luke, the Battersea resident pushed to the ground on Valentine’s Day?” We have good news. He found his home. Luke finally found his perfect home after 225 days. We wish you a wonderful time, Luke.

Karl and Jill Kendrick, both from Derbyshire, showed great interest in Luke and offered to foster him. They also sent small gifts to the shelter. After a thorough selection process, they were chosen to be the new parents of this beautiful ball of fur.

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“It is still a mystery to my mind how Luke managed to stay in Battersea’s care so long. It would have been a great pleasure to welcome it back home. He has been a wonderful dog since we brought him home. Karl stated that we love him already and wouldn’t trade for him.

Luke, who was initially a nervous puppy, is now a happy and healthy dog. He soon gains confidence and can have fun. Shelter manager Michelle Bevan said:

“Luke, despite being a large dog, is a very softie and loves to snuggle up with his favorite people and a stuffed animal.”

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Even though Luke’s Valentine’s celebration did not have the perfect ending, it was worth the wait. He now lives a happy life with his children, who show him how special they think he is. This amazing man deserves all the respect he deserves. He has moved on from his unpleasant past and lives a happy, fulfilled life. All dogs should be loved, cherished, and valued. Only we can make them forget the pain they have endured. Change lives by taking action.

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