Puppy Buried Alive on a Beach is Now Thriving with Foster Fail Family.h

Puppy Buried Alive on a Beach is Now Thriving with Foster Fail Family.h

Earlier this year, a heart-wrenching incident shook the shores of Oahu, Hawaii – a dog buried alive on a pristine beach, left to fend for herself. While the person behind this horrendous act remains unknown, the story of this resilient canine has taken a heartwarming turn. We are delighted to share that this spirited dog now thrives in the loving embrace of a caring family who initially fostered her.


For those who might have missed the initial reports, the distressing scene unfolded when a concerned beachgoer witnessed a person wielding a machete, burying a dog alive in broad daylight. Without hesitation, the witness promptly contacted PAWS of Hawaii, a dedicated animal rescue organization, setting in motion a remarkable rescue mission.


The dog, whom they later named Leialoha, was in a pitiable state. Sunburned, covered in sores, nearly bald, and bearing wounds on her legs, she was in dire need of immediate medical attention. PAWS of Hawaii acted swiftly, rushing Leialoha to Aloha Affordable Veterinary Services, where a team of compassionate veterinarians assessed and cared for her.


Leialoha’s story takes an even more heartwarming turn when we meet Amanda Krasniewski and her husband, a couple with a compassionate history of fostering and rescuing animals. Their journey into the world of fostering began during a vacation in St. Croix when they discovered an initiative to fly adoptable dogs to the mainland for better adoption prospects.

During their travels, they visited a sanctuary and decided to bring a dog into their newly-formed family. That’s when Mocha, a rescue dog from the overcrowded St. Croix shelter, joined their lives. As if one rescue pup wasn’t enough, they later welcomed Bruce, a stray Chow Mix, into their hearts and home.


Caring for these two rescue dogs deepened their understanding of the importance of rescuing and fostering animals in need. After relocating to Hawaii, they chose to become fosters with PAWS of Hawaii, and their lives were forever changed.

Fostering, as Amanda notes, “has been a terrific way to conserve animals while being active in the community.” Over time, they had fostered twelve dogs before Leialoha entered their lives. When Amanda spotted PAWS of Hawaii’s Facebook post about Leialoha, she didn’t hesitate to reach out and offer her assistance.


The first night was a challenging one, as Leialoha bore the physical and emotional scars of her traumatic past. She was swollen, red, and exuded a pungent odor from being buried. Amanda recalls, “I tried to pick her up in order to move her from the travel kennel to a very huge dog crate, but she sobbed. I honestly didn’t know whether she’d make it through the night.”

However, Leialoha’s resilience began to shine through. She slowly started to heal, both physically and emotionally. Amanda remembers the pivotal moment when Leialoha gave her a tiny tail wag, a sign that she was a fighter who would recover.

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