Pet psychic reveals heart-rending last thought dogs have for owners when they die!

Pet psychic reveals heart-rending last thought dogs have for owners when they die!

Losing a pet is heartbreaking. But pet psychic Nancy Mello wants to reassure owners that their furry friends don’t forget about them when they are gone

If you’ve ever lost a canine companion, you’ll know just how difficult it is not feeling their warm presence around the house every day.

But just because they aren’t physically with you doesn’t mean they aren’t around you, according to pet psychic Nancy Mello, who claims she can talk to animals.

Nancy believes that when pets pass away, they immediately try to connect with their owners to tell them that they miss them and haven’t forgotten about them.

“Pets feel the need to connect with us after passing. They want us to know they are okay and they are with us,” Nancy told the Mirror.

“They witness our own grieving and want to help us with missing them. They generally send signals within the first few days after passing, but it can take a couple of weeks.

“Similar to when a person passes, when we recognise that they are around us, the connection can maintain a beautiful new type of relationship with them.

“While I don’t see pets missing us in the form we traditionally think of missing someone or something, I do see them do everything they can to help with our feeling of loss.”

Nancy, from Connecticut, USA, believes that dogs and cats choose precisely when and where they will pass away, and whether they want to reincarnate on earth.

“Pets not only understand when they are dying, but plan when they pass,” she said. “Each animal is autonomous and has their own likes, dislikes, wants and needs.

“Some animals want to spend their last day in the sunshine, others want one last taste of their special treat.

“Each death is a beautifully orchestrated dance of waiting for their humans to be ready, or wanting to pass before the family goes on holiday.

“Some dogs want to pass by their favourite tree or with music on. Others would rather pass with assistance.”

Nancy claims she has been able to talk to animals from a very young age, and has learnt about the afterlife from speaking to pets who have died.

She says one of the greatest honours of her rather unusual job is “helping animals cross over the rainbow bridge”.

“When dogs pass away they have total peace – similar to what people have said they experience during a near-death experience,” Nancy explained.

“They are greeted by animals they knew in this life, from the neighbourhood cat to their littermates and even the squirrel that used to tease them from outside.

“They are also greeted by animals connected to you and your family. This could be the childhood dog you grew up with, or even a grandparent’s pet.

“Dogs are greeted by people as well, including those they connected with in life and also people connected to your family.

“They go to the same place we go – heaven (or home as I call it). They exist among every animal that has ever existed as well as people, and they play and ‘live’ with everyone else.

“It is common to see dogs at concerts with humans or laying on the grass. Whatever they loved to do in life, they will continue to do in heaven.”

Nancy believes animals choose whether they wish to come back to earth or become a “guardian angel” in heaven.

“Generally (with few exceptions) animals come back to the same family they were with before,” she explained.

“You will see childhood dogs that follow their children owners into adulthood as they start their own families.

“Instead of deciding to reincarnate, some animals become a guide for you. They will watch over you for the rest of your life, similar to a guardian angel.

“They can advise you and will pull you in another direction that might be better suited for you.”

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