Patrick Dougherty’s Mind-Blowing Nest Houses Made of Living Trees ‎.sm

Patrick Dougherty’s Mind-Blowing Nest Houses Made of Living Trees ‎.sm

Patrick Dougherty is a sculptor who uses living trees as an unusual medium. He has created over 200 site-specific sculptures by weaving the saplings of trees into huts, water pitchers, cocoons, etc. Among his installations, the most famous ones are the nest houses that he produced worldwide. For constructing these nest houses, Dougherty uses different tree types including birch, aspen, maple, and pussy pillow, and creates huts reaching 20 to 40 feet in height. Unfortunately, due to the nature of trees, his works cannot last for a long time.

Uff da Palace at Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Summer Palace at Morris Arboretum, Philadelphia

Waltz in the Woods at Morris Arboretum of UPA, Philadelphia

Monks’ Cradle at College of St Benedict and St John’s University

Easy Rider at Dumbarton Oaks, Washington DC

Hocus Pocus at the Bittersweet Farm in Ennice, North Carolina

“Close Ties” at Scottish Basket Makers Circle

“Na Hale ‘Eo Waiawi” at The Contemporary Art Museum in Honolulu

“Out in Front” at Sarasota Museum of Art in Florida

“Call of the Wild” at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Washington

“Simple Pleasures” at Bowdoin College Museum of Art, the US

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