Old woman who has lived for more than a century overcomes all difficulties to welcome her 17th child Q.

Old woman who has lived for more than a century overcomes all difficulties to welcome her 17th child Q.

Becoming pregnant and giving birth becomes increasingly challenging for women after the age of 40. The ovaries gradually reduce their production of eggs, making conception unlikely. Consequently, it would be deemed impossible for Anatolia, a remarkable woman aged 101, to have experienced pregnancy and childbirth.

However, Anatolia astounded everyone by unraveling the extraordinary circumstances behind her story. At the age of 48, after already having 16 children, she received a devastating diagnosis of ovarian cancer. To save her life, Anatolia made the courageous decision to undergo surgery, which involved the removal of her ovaries, effectively sacrificing her chance to become a mother.

Years later, at the age of 101, Anatolia expressed her desire to have her 17th child. Determined to fulfill this dream, she pursued a groundbreaking procedure—an ovarian transplant. This illicit and contentious surgery took place covertly at a private clinic in Turkey. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Anatolia tearfully acknowledged the doctors’ willingness to undertake this operation on her behalf.

While Anatolia’s husband had passed away in 1998, she sought a sperm donor to conceive her child. As a result, Anatolia achieved the remarkable feat of becoming the world’s oldest mother, defying expectations at the age of 101. This astonishing record previously belonged to Malegwale Ramokgopa, a South African woman who gave birth at the age of 92.

Ovary transplant surgeries, although controversial, are not uncommon in certain countries like Turkey and India. This procedure is frequently performed on cancer patients who aspire to have children or individuals undergoing gender transition.

Anatolia’s decision has garnered both support and joy from her family and friends, despite the controversial nature of the surgery. The story has sparked intense debates concerning the ethical and moral implications associated with such procedures. Undoubtedly, this discussion will endure for a considerable period.

Anatolia’s extraordinary journey to motherhood has captivated the world, defying the limitations imposed by age and medical adversity. Her determination to embrace unconventional paths serves as an inspiration to those facing similar challenges. While controversies persist, Anatolia’s story emphasizes the power of the human spirit and the boundless possibilities that exist even in the face of daunting odds.


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