Neymar Embraces Royal Lifestyle: Acquires New Private Jet, Super Car, and Saudi Arabian Mansion.d19

Neymar Embraces Royal Lifestyle: Acquires New Private Jet, Super Car, and Saudi Arabian Mansion.d19

Accordingly, in addition to a salary of up to 320 million euros within 2 seasons, Neymar also received countless favors from Al Hilal. The first is the terms of operation on social networks. Any status lines praising Al Hilal as well as Saudi Arabia to help promote this West Asian country, Neymar will pocket 500,000 euros.

Neymar will be served to the teeth in Saudi Arabia.

Needless to say, the fact that Neymar writes a short line is as good as many players in the Saudi Arabian league playing football all year.

The second is utilities for life. During the negotiations, Neymar insisted he wanted a private jet to serve his friends and family. The Brazilian striker also wants to own 8 luxury cars and a driver ready to serve 24/24.

The figures and favours in Neymar Junior's crazy Al Hilal contract in Saudi Arabia - Football España

Al Hilal didn’t take long to consider. They immediately sent a plane (most likely the Gulfstream) to service the Brazilian star. Supercars like Bentley Continental GT, Lamborghini or Aston Martin DBX… also soon appeared at his door, a 25-bedroom mansion that was given to Neymar by Al Hilal.

This is a house with a swimming pool 10x40m wide. There will be 5 staff on duty to serve Neymar here. He also wants to have at least two personal chefs, one of whom can master Brazilian dishes.

Neymar quits PSG to sign for Saudi Arabia's Al-Hilal | Inquirer Sports

Not stopping there, all bills for hotels, restaurants and various services during Neymar’s holidays will be sent to Al Hilal headquarters for the club to pay.

Really in the next 2 years at Al Hilal, Neymar is like a king. This luxurious life, perhaps only Ronaldo is equal to him. What Neymar needs to do now is that he must prove himself worthy of the treatment from Al Hilal.

Neymar's Saudi contract: £2.5m-a-week, 'eight cars, three saunas' and his favourite juice - Mirror Online

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