'Neighbour lets his dog poo on my lawn - I don't have a dog but I got revenge' a sad story about how to raise dogs

‘Neighbour lets his dog poo on my lawn – I don’t have a dog but I got revenge’ a sad story about how to raise dogs

A man has taken to social media to share how he got revenge on his neighbour who would encourage his dog to do its business on his lawn – and wouldn’t even consider picking up the mess left behind

A man has been praised for his unorthodox revenge on a neighbour who would allow their dog to poo on his lawn. He explained how his neighbour would encourage their dog to empty its bowels all over his garden – not thinking twice about picking it up.

Taking to Reddit, he said: “My neighbour’s dog keeps pooing on my mum’s lawn. It’s p***ing me off as I’ve stepped in it twice. We’ve seen them have their dog poo on our lawn and walk away. My mum has contacted them and they promise to stop but they won’t. My mum has talked to them four times and nothing.”

In the absence of a dog, the man decided to take matters into his own hands and got revenge by defecating right outside their front door. “He complained about it on Nextdoor [a neighbourhood app],” he added. “Thankfully they don’t have a Ring camera so they couldn’t prove it’s me.

“I went for a jog and one of them asked me if I knew anything about it and I smirked and said ‘I’m sorry I don’t but maybe take that as a warning to not let your dogs poo on our lawns in the future or it might happen again’.

“My mum is quite annoyed at me saying I need to grow up. But it stopped. He hasn’t left poo on our lawn in over a week.” Commenting on his post, one user said: “I aspire to this level of petty.”

Another user said: “This, but on the roof. It’ll take forever to get rid of the smell. Especially if you’re in a rainy area and it gets in the gutters.” A third user said: “I’m just imagining how uncomfortable it was to poop on their porch, out in the open.” One more user added: “I hope he brought a roll of TP.”

This video is other story!

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