Messi’s adorable puppy has grown to be an enormous dog.d

Messi’s adorable puppy has grown to be an enormous dog.d

A video of Lionel Messi playing with his family has caused football fans to say the same thing about his dog.


After taking some extra time off, Paris Saint-Germain’s star player has returned to Spain. Messi recently led his country to the semi-finals of the Copa America but ultimately lost to hosts Brazil. Now, the 36-year-old is getting ready for his 16th season with Barcelona and enjoys practicing his skills with his sons Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro.


Hulk, a large French mastiff, always joins Messi and his sons during their activities. However, a video clip shows that the dog is struggling against the five-time Ballon d’Or winner. In the clip, Messi is playing a game of rondo with Thiago and Mateo, where they have to pass the ball quickly around the person or dog in the middle.

Messi, Sanchez và các sao bóng đá yêu thú cưng - Thể thao

Lionel Messi had a game of rondo with his sons and his dog Hulk also got involved. Messi’s wife Antonella Roccuzzo watched on with their one-year-old son Ciro. The game started quickly, with Hulk running around the garden after the ball. Mateo passed the ball to his dad after the dog ran forward, but the giant dog stopped as soon as the ball got to Messi’s feet.

Leo Messi prepara la pretemporada con su perro 'Hulk' y un comentarista imprevisto | Vídeos | EL PAÍS

The video shows Messi cautiously maneuvering the ball around his dog, while his wife Antonella Roccuzzo watches with their son Ciro. Despite Hulk’s size, he stops in his tracks as soon as the ball reaches Messi’s feet. The clip has been widely shared on Twitter, with fans noticing the dog’s deference to Messi’s skills. “The dog rushes at the boys but when it’s Messi he hesitates,” one supporter remarked.

Messi và các ngôi sao bóng đá mê nuôi chó

Fans of Lionel Messi were quick to notice the interaction between the football star and his dog Hulk during a game of rondo with his sons Thiago and Mateo. In a video shared on Twitter, the French Mastiff can be seen bounding around the garden while Messi and his sons pass the ball around him. However, the moment the ball reaches Messi’s feet, the giant beast stops in his tracks. Fans couldn’t help but appreciate Hulk’s hesitation, with one saying “Love how the dog doesn’t run when Messi has the ball” and another adding “Even Hulk is afraid to tackle Messi”. The video has been viewed over 100,000 times. Messi, who recently returned from a holiday after representing Argentina in the Copa America, is preparing for his 16th season at Barcelona.

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