lq The poor dog wagged his tail at everyone hoping to be adopted and luck came to him.

lq The poor dog wagged his tail at everyone hoping to be adopted and luck came to him.

 This is the story of a small dog who spent all of his time in the market in order to survive the cold weather in Sri Lanka. The dog wanted to live because she waggled her tail whenever she spotted someone approaching her.

Her acts were noted by a rescuer from Lek Chailert and some of her companions. This Thai-based organization’s main goal is to conserve elephants, but they happened to be in Sri Lanka to save an elephant when they stumbled upon the pup.

They revealed on YouTube that they were in Sri Lanka to rescue an elephant when they came across the pup in the market, who followed them around and won their hearts.

So they chose the dog and attempted to adopt her from passersby, but when they discovered she was a girl, they lost interest. So they sent her up with Thushara, their driver, and went to fetch her a new blanke.

They even give her a bath and put her to sleep in a warm bed with them in the hotel. Unfortunately, they were forced to leave Sri Lanka without finding her a permanent home, but Lek Lek, the puppy, is now living with Thushara and his family, and she looks completely different!

Big or small, rescuers change lives because they acted. “We can always transform one life from our care,” Lek Lek’s rescuers conclude.


After three years, she recognizes her rescuers. Watch the video below to see her reunion with the rescuers and leave us a comment with your thoughts.


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