lq Loving Father: Golden Retriever Nurtures Expectant Mate with Devotion

lq Loving Father: Golden Retriever Nurtures Expectant Mate with Devotion

Hey dads, do you remember the time when your wife was pregnant and you had to take care of everything around the house? I’m sure you do! It’s not easy to juggle all the household chores and errands while also being responsible for your pregnant partner. But don’t worry, you’re not alone! Even if some spouses might not have been as lucky, there’s always something heartwarming to watch like this viral video where a golden retriever takes care of his mate during delivery.

These Golden Retrievers gained popularity on social media after a video of them surfaced. In the video, they were seen sleeping peacefully beside each other. As soon as the wife woke up, one of the dogs immediately went to turn up the AC. He then proceeded to fetch a small basin with his mouth and bring it to the kitchen sink where he turned on the faucet with his paw. The dog happily returned to his mate once the basin was filled. Later, when the pregnant dog needed exercise, instead of their owner taking them both to the park, the other dog chewed on the leash and decided to accompany her on her walk.

The male dog had some free time to run some errands while his mate was busy with other things. He decided to help out in the kitchen and prepare a delicious meal for her consisting of fish, chicken, shrimp, and veggies. Not only that, he also assisted with cleaning up and even took care of the garbage.

He’s a true gentleman, even at dinner time. Despite being ravenous from all his hard work, he always lets his mate eat first, knowing that she’s also nourishing their precious pups. And when he suggested a post-dinner run, his wife had to decline due to impending labor. But their fur parents were quick to prepare a cozy nest for her, transforming their once intimate space into a warm and welcoming home for their growing family.

One after another, the little puppies made their way into the world as their mother watched over them. The owners ensured that they were all given a good cleaning before leaving them to nurse with their mom. To help her through this process, they provided her with easily digestible foods which she readily ate. As time went on, the proud father – a lovable retriever – watched over his offspring, ensuring that they were all healthy and happy. They ended up with a litter of seven adorable pups, each one sporting a unique collar that seemed to mimic the colors of a rainbow. Now the daddy dog had a new job: taking care of his mate and their precious little ones.

We can rest assured that this adorable pup will be just fine, given the unwavering dependability they have shown. Check out the heartwarming video below to witness this devoted golden retriever dutifully taking care of their entire family.

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