lq Laughing With The Derps: 50 Photos Of Dogs Just Being Their Hilarious Selves

lq Laughing With The Derps: 50 Photos Of Dogs Just Being Their Hilarious Selves

Get ready to unleash your laughter as we dive into the whimsical world of derpy dogs! In this uproarious collection of photos, we’ve curated a delightful assortment of 50 snapshots capturing our canine companions in all their silly glory. From sleeping in the most awkward positions to displaying hilariously complicated emotions on their expressive faces, these adorable troublemakers are sure to leave you grinning from ear to ear.

Join us on a journey filled with canine goofiness and uncontrollable laughter as we show you the quirks and antics of these lovable pups. So, without further ado, let’s scroll down to be entertained by their carefree spirit, unique personalities, and knack for brightening our days with their silly shenanigans.

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#1. “Involved In Helping Around The House”

Source: reddit

#2. “Accidentally Fell Asleep On The Couch… This Was What I Woke Up To”

Source: reddit

#3. Peek A Boo!!!

Source: IStanCatwoman

#4. Sweet dreams

Source: pmatesz

#5. How?

Source: reddit

#6. I do!

Source: rosseepoo

#7. “I Think The Picture Says It All”

#8. Cute, Might Delete Later

Source: reddit

#9. “Adopted My New Best Friend On Tuesday, She Was Super Shy. Just 12 Hours Later! Definitely A Derp, And Definitely The Best Decision I’ve Ever Made!”

#10. “Dug A Hole Just To Lay In It, I Love Her”

Source: TrashPanda711

#11. Upside down dog

Source: PsyduckSci

#12. Just be casual

Source: aiwass19

#13. Poor Guy Farted And Startled Himself, Fartled If You Will!

Source: PlumJuggler

#14. Family thing

Source: kliknulajt

#15. Not a fighter

Source: campbellxemma

#16. Photobomb!

Source: horngry69

#17. Me first!

Source: IStanCatwoman

#18. “Lost A Good Boy And A Better Friend Today. Rip Scrappy. You’ll Be Greatly Missed”

Source: mexifra

#19. “Forgot To Shut The Garage Before Work, Came Home To This”

Source: reddit

#20. I thought no one was looking…

Source: hconfiance

#21. “Under The Bed Cleaning Helper Got Distracted By Her Find”

Source: smjh_genx

#22. The three noses

Source: reddit

#23. Sneezing

#24. “Back During My Morning Commute I Spotted This Lovely Derp”

Source: thetinycatt

#25. Mud dog

Source: guriedn

#26. Kung Fu Master

Source: HamEdits95

#27. Playing fetch

Source: AbrilPd

#28. Something went wrong

Source: ___zach_b

#29. “When You Try And Take A Nice Mother’s Day Picture But Your Dog Makes Her Best Derp Ever!”

Source: 1sjwich

#30. “When I Come Home From Work He Tries To Make Sure I Can Never Leave Him Ever Again”

Source: emily_9511

#31. Don’t wanna go

Source: reddit

#32. “I Told Him Not To Get Dirty While Outside To Potty. This Is His “Sorry Mom, It Was An Accident” Face”

Source: reddit

#33. Don’t judge me…

Source: reddit

#34. This was not a good idea.

#35. “Australian Cattle Derp On Yard Patrol”

Source: praisethehaze

#36. Comfy?

Source: verve1994

#37. Plain derpy

Source: reddit

#38. Is this dog a cat?

Source: reddit

#39. “Potatoes Gonna Potate”

Source: proygratoke

#40. “Took My Rescue Greyhound To Get Her Photo Taken. Nailed It”

Source: imgur

#41. Climb on me

Source: Nam3_Tak3n

#42. Just siting

#43. So tired

Source: feathersoft

#44. Photobomb!

#45. Spot on

Source: CYBERSson

#46. Just resting

#47. Derpy duo

#48. Didn’t eat?

Source: reddit

#49. You called a taxi?

Source: reddit

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