lq Freed from a life of breeding, the dog finally found solace in a loving home, her joy palpable as she embraced the snow.

lq Freed from a life of breeding, the dog finally found solace in a loving home, her joy palpable as she embraced the snow.

Lily’s story is one of resilience, love, and second chances. As a breeder dog, she had spent most of her life being used for breeding, until she was found emaciated and in poor health. Sheridan, a kind-hearted animal lover, and her husband decided to open their home to Lily and provide her with the care and love she desperately needed.

“We offered to bring her home, and shortly after that, we found out she was going to be hospice,” shared Sheridan in an interview with Geobeats. “My name is Sheridan, and this is Lily’s story.”

Lily was underweight, estimated to be 20 to 30 pounds below her healthy weight when she was rescued. Despite her physical condition, she still had a gentle and loving nature. “She’s so gentle, she’s never met someone that she doesn’t love,” said Sheridan. “She is just like a giant teddy bear whose heart is as big as her head.”

Sheridan and her husband already had four dogs of their own, but they didn’t hesitate to open their home to Lily as a hospice foster. Hospice fostering means that Lily wouldn’t be legally adopted, but she would stay with them until the end of her life, receiving the care and love she deserved.

Lily quickly became a part of their family, and Sheridan described her as a “natural mama” to every puppy they brought home. Lily’s motherly instincts kicked in, and all she wanted to do was snuggle and take care of the puppies. She kept a watchful eye on everyone and made sure they were safe and happy.

“We got her in winter, and we live in Minnesota,” shared Sheridan. “We thought, what are some things we can do to start off this bucket list for her? Going to see the Christmas lights was one of them.” Lily attended the family Christmas celebrations, enjoying homemade biscuits and paw print ornaments, and even went on a road trip with them.

One day, Minnesota experienced a snowstorm, and Lily’s reaction was heartwarming. “She came from down south, and we had a huge snowstorm, and she was absolutely loving it,” said Sheridan. Lily’s joy and excitement in playing in the snow was a testament to her resilient spirit and her ability to find joy in simple pleasures.

Lily formed a special bond with Sheridan’s husband, who she sees as her person. “All of our dogs absolutely go nuts for him when he gets home,” shared Sheridan. “He is the most kind-hearted human being, and I think obviously dogs know that.” Lily patiently waits for him to come home, and they share a unique connection.

While Lily is considered a hospice foster, Sheridan and her husband are committed to giving her the best possible quality of life. They want people to understand that hospice fostering doesn’t necessarily mean counting down the days. “Our goal is to make sure that we continue to give her the happy quality of life that she deserves,” said Sheridan.

Lily’s story is a heartwarming example of the power of love and compassion. Despite her difficult past, she has found a loving home where she is cherished and cared for. Her reaction to the snow is just one of the many moments that bring joy to her life, and she continues to thrive in the care of her foster family.

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