Little Dog Is Ever-Smiling And Brings Immeasurable Delight To All Who Encounter Him

Little Dog Is Ever-Smiling And Brings Immeasurable Delight To All Who Encounter Him

With their bright, ebullient personalities, most pet dogs bring an infectious enthusiasm to life that can inspire us. Through the wag of a tail or a happy jump when you enter the room – your pup will let you know how contented they are!

But for one darling pup, it’s obvious he feels nothing but joy – simply by looking at his beaming face! His perpetual grin is sure to bring a smile to anyone who takes the time to admire him.

Chevy, a 9-year-old Pomeranian, is always wearing the biggest of grins! His owner Tina Marcum Denlinger believes this pup finds contentment in life’s simplest pleasures – and never runs out of reasons to smile.

Tina shared with The Dodo, “It’s incredible: he never has a single bad day. His joy is contagious and each activity we participate in turns into a celebration! Whether it be going for walks or eating food, his enthusiasm always remains the same – pure blissfulness.”

At precisely the right time, an energetic puppy entered Tina’s life to bring her a much-needed smile: she and Bart welcomed him into their home after enduring the loss of their beloved golden retriever.

When Tina and her husband were seeking a companion for their female corgi mix, they saw an ad in the paper. Upon visiting the vet after he was neutered, they beheld his radiant smile that captivated them and sealed the deal.

When they brought him out of the office, he beamed when my husband came into view. Everyone was overjoyed by his wide-beaming smile and couldn’t believe their eyes!

Ever since Chevy joined our family, he’s been beaming from ear to ear. We’ve never had a pooch that is so endlessly cheerful before! Tina gushes: “He’s always ready for any occasion – no matter what room we enter, he comes bounding in with an infectious grin and joyful twirls!”

When people catch sight of Chevy, they can’t help but smile. His cheerful attitude is infectious and always spreads joy!

His Instagram page is a testament to his love of life; from feasting on bacon to taking joy rides in the golf cart, and experiencing camping trips with his owners – he never fails to bring laughter and delight wherever he goes.

Tina proudly proclaimed to The Dodo, “He hops in the golf cart and inspects his kingdom. Everyone recognizes him—he wears a harness so he won’t topple over while he’s on parade. He is always full of life as he cruises around.”

His joie de vivre keeps him youthful, and frequently people are astonished to learn that he is a senior dog. The owners find it amusing when others assume that he is much younger than his years!

“He’s bursting with energy, so people always think he’s a puppy,” Tina exclaimed. She went on to explain his amusing habit of “spin dry”, where he twists himself into an entire circle when longing for something.

The owners shared with The Dodo that Chevy’s perpetual grin sometimes fades away if he feels chilly or uneasy, yet it always promptly reappears – particularly when given a snack.

With over 8,000 followers and counting, Chevy’s Instagram page titled @chevysmiles is full of beaming photos from all seasons! Whether he’s in a cow costume or his stylish everyday outfit, listeners can’t help but smile with him.

Seeing such an adorable pup was the sweetest thing! He instantly brought a huge grin to our faces 😄

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