Lionel Messi ran to hug and celebrate with Garnacho when he scored a super product.d19

Lionel Messi ran to hug and celebrate with Garnacho when he scored a super product.d19

Another brilliant choice was Lionel Messi’s decision to continue playing for his country after winning the World Cup.

Messi displayed no signs of slowing down at all in Argentina’s first World Cup qualifying match against Ecuador. Messi has joined Major League Soccer with Inter Miami.

And the 36-year-old curled in a spectacular free kick, leaving a hapless goalie alone in the middle of his goal, when his team was battling to score against a tenacious away squad.

Messi raced for the sideline after reeling off what would end up being the game-winning goal in the 78th minute.

Alejandro Garnacho, a rising star for Manchester United, was there when he arrived, and he was given a big hug before a pile-on.He ran to the sidelines where Man United kid Garnacho was standing and embraced the rising star

Although the winger was unable to come off the bench during the victory, Garnacho would have been able to cherish the moment in the Estadio Monumental, which seats 83,000 people.

Madrid-born When Cristiano Ronaldo played for Atletico Madrid in the Spanish capital, Garnacho developed into a fervent supporter.

When the Portuguese returned to United in 2021, his wish came true, and he got to see an amazing first season before a horrible second that only lasted until a December move to Al Nassr.

Due to a lot of mysterious social media statements, fans have long questioned which side of the “Greatest of all Time” debate Garnacho supports. However, his Monumental moment with Messi may finally put their minds at ease.

Everyone wants to defeat Argentina, and Messi is not one to let his standards slide.

“Even more so now that we are world champions. We cannot descend because of this. Even more than we were doing is required of us. Every game is in high demand, and it keeps becoming higher.

After competing against him in America when Charlotte FC faced Inter Miami, Ashley Westwood told talkSPORT that he still has a competitive attitude.

“I knew he was going to be terrific, but to be that brilliant was simply stupid, utterly ridiculous, to play against him.

Even though I tried to kick him, I was unable to approach him. He’s unique, but I don’t believe he was overly joyful because he simply kept staring at us and didn’t use his English very much.

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