Introducing Nora: The Feline Celeb Without Ears

Introducing Nora: The Feline Celeb Without Ears

Pictures of nora the earless cat

Despite losing the outer flaps of her ears due to chronic infections, Nora, a former street cat from Wisconsin, has become an internet sensation. The domestic shorthair grey tabby mix was rescued by a local vet and underwent surgery to treat her ear canals. Although her unusual appearance initially made it difficult for her to find a home, veterinary nurse H Due and their wife adopted her in January 2020. Nora still has her ear drums and canals, allowing her to hear normally. Her favorite pastime is sleeping, often with the couple’s three-legged dog Matilda, and she can sleep for up to 20 hours a day. Despite her unique appearance, Nora has no fear and loves to greet people and pets head-on.

A picture of Nora the cat

Nora has gained a massive following on social media platform with her charming personality. Despite not having real ears, she gets along well with other cats and loves snuggling with the dogs. Interestingly, Nora doesn’t seem to be any more sensitive to sound than regular cats. Although she owns multiple pairs of knitted fake ears, Nora has never had to use earmuffs. According to her owner, she is just like any other feline, lazy and laid-back. One of her admirers on Instagram commented on her picture, saying that she looks adorable and sweet even without ears.

Nora the cat

The cat in the picture is in excellent health, according to the post by Jam Press/ One person commented on how adorable she looked, while another expressed interest in adopting her. A third individual praised her beauty, acknowledging that it goes beyond just her fur.

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