Introducing Luhu, the Internet’s Most Melancholic Feline

Introducing Luhu, the Internet’s Most Melancholic Feline

Luhu the cat ended up having big, sad eyes after a procedure was performed on her.

PHOTO: Luhu has over 73,000 followers on his Instagram page.

Maggie Liu’s internet-famous cat, Luhu, has amassed a following of over 73,000 on his Instagram page. Despite his adorable big eyes and sagging brows, Luhu’s signature sad expression was not something he was born with. As a kitten, Luhu suffered from eye infections that required a major operation, which affected his vision and causes him to open his eyes wide when he needs to focus on something. Nonetheless, Luhu continues to charm the world with his unique features and lovable personality.

PHOTO: Luhu was born August 12, 2012.

On August 12, 2012, a cute and unique-looking cat named Luhu was born. His owner, Maggie Liu, created an Instagram account for him under the username @lanlan731, where his adorable appearance has gained over 73,000 followers. Although Liu is not surprised by the public’s affection for Luhu’s distinct look, she is amazed at his celebrity status. Initially, Liu only posted pictures of her cats on Instagram for fun and never expected Luhu to become as popular as he is now.

PHOTO: Luhu has two brothers named Barher and Bardie.

Maggie Liu is the proud owner of three tabby cats, including Luhu, who has two loving brothers named Barher and Bardie. According to Liu, all three felines are incredibly friendly and never engage in any fights. Instead of seeking more publicity for her cats, Liu simply wishes to continue sharing Luhu’s adventures on Instagram. When asked about her plans for her beloved pets, Liu expressed her desire for them to remain healthy and live with her for as long as possible.

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