Heartbreaking Isolation: Puppy Forced to Live in Makeshift Box Under Eaves Since 6 Weeks Old (video) /b

Heartbreaking Isolation: Puppy Forced to Live in Makeshift Box Under Eaves Since 6 Weeks Old (video) /b

Dogs deserve to be raised with love. They need a warm place to sleep, consistent meals, and playtime. But, unfortunately, not all owners treat their animals with a kind heart. A puppy has been forced by his owner to live in a small makeshift box under a porch since he was six weeks old. This cruelty is unimaginable.

As the little dog grew in the cramped space, its legs became deformed. He was also deprived of a regular, healthy diet. His owner callously threw leftovers at him through the slats of the homemade crate. He would basically eat garbage. But luckily, his sad days were about to end.

Someone heard about the dog and bravely stood up to the owner. She told the man that what he was doing was inhumane and she wanted to take the dog to the vet and find him a new home. The owner was furious, but eventually, with the intervention of some neighbors, he gave in to the woman because he was afraid of the police.

Once the dog was safe with his new human friend, they headed to the veterinary clinic. The veterinarian performed X-rays and confirmed the malformation of the leg. The puppy would have been totally fine if he hadn’t been confined like that. The vet and his team thanked the woman and promised they would take good care of the brave little dog.

They immediately started the dog’s diet. He was so poorly fed! Then it was time to start physical therapy. Everyone was hopeful that he would improve day by day – and he did! The dog still can’t walk completely upright, but he’s doing much better!

 To see the dog’s rescue and how he is doing now, check out the video below :

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