Great Friendship: The touching story of a boy abandoned by his parents who finds unconditional love in his canine

Great Friendship: The touching story of a boy abandoned by his parents who finds unconditional love in his canine

Since his parents’ divorced when he was very young, Rommel Quemenales, an 11-year-old Filipino child from Quezon City, has been living separately from them.

She has an older sister who lives in a different city, but since the second grade, she has had to live on the streets since she lacks the money to get there.

Rommel asserts that despite being forced to leave school early because he was abandoned by his loved ones, he had always planned to go back.

Pictures of this young child and his dog went viral online after his story gained popularity on social media, winning the hearts of thousands of people across the world.

Maria Kabs took images of the young man and his dog when she saw them walking through the streets and uploaded them on her Facebook page. She was so moved that she just had to capture a picture of the two dear pals.

An article that was first published in 2018 swiftly gained popularity thanks to the image of Rommel sleeping off while holding his dog in his arms. in the middle of adversity.

Rommel feels that Badgi, a homeless dog, helped him find peace while he was traveling the streets alone. The two have remained close ever then and support one another in their struggle to survive.

In exchange for Badgi constantly protecting Rommel from other begging children, Rommel would always give his best friend some food when he was in need.

The two friends slept next to each other every night to help them relax after a busy day of activities.

They both had hope because of the unfortunate circumstances that led to the meeting of these two small people, who brightened each other’s lives.

Rommel appears to be unafraid of isolation or bullying, similar to Badgi. The puppy, on the other hand, didn’t care if his friend was a well-off child or a homeless; love was enough for this dog.

According to, owing to the efforts of many people and Maria’s highly circulated post on her love with Badgi, little Rommel is now in school and constructing a better future with his wonderful dog friend.

No matter what has transpired in his little life, this small youngster is still brimming with love, dreams, and happiness at the close bond he has with his beloved dog.

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