Embracing Diversity: Affordable Memories from Lionel Messi’s Family Vacation in Fort Lauderdale.d19

Embracing Diversity: Affordable Memories from Lionel Messi’s Family Vacation in Fort Lauderdale.d19

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi was spotted unwinding with a trip to a friend’s house in Fort Lauderdale despite having a busy start to his career with Inter Miami.

With his wife Antonela Roccuzzo, 35, and their children Thiago, 10, Mateo, 7, and Ciro, 5, the 36-year-old was seen departing the South Florida house.

In Fort Lauderdale, Lionel Messi was seen unwinding by visiting a friend’s home.

Lionel Messi was spotted unwinding with a visit to a friend's house in Fort Lauderdale

Messi led Inter Miami to a comeback victory over FC Dallas in the Leagues Cup round of 16 just two days previously. Messi sipped his favorite yerba mate tea while appearing unhurried in a loose-fitting white t-shirt, black shorts, and flip-flops.

He was with his beautiful wife Antonela and their three kids.

He was accompanied by his stunning wife Antonela and their three children

Argentine influencer and model Antonela wore long, wide-leg black pants and an orange crop top, and she looked effortlessly stylish.

Antonela, who wed the soccer player in 2017, complemented her look with an eye-catching Louis Vuitton tote bag in pink and coral. She kept her sleeked-back brunette hair up in a high ponytail.

Friends joined the couple, together with their sons Thiago, 10, Mateo, 7, and Ciro, 5.

Lucas Saglia, a former player and soccer coach from Argentina, appeared to be with Messi.

The couple and their sons Thiago, 10, Mateo, 7, and Ciro, 5, were joined by friends

Since Messi was his boyhood friend, Scaglia, Antonela’s cousin, is said to have introduced the pair when they were younger.

Just over a week before to their family vacation, the couple was last spotted house hunting in Boca Raton after Messi’s historic signing to Inter Miami.

35-year-old Antonela appeared effortlessly fashionable.

The couple’s eldest child, Thiago, was with them and was sporting an Inter Miami jersey bearing his father’s name.

The World Cup winner has gotten off to a quick start at Inter Miami, scoring seven goals in just four games since his move to the United States was announced last month with a flashy presentation ahead of his debut.

Antonela, 35, looked effortlessly stylish

She is a model and influencer from Argentina.

The home, which appeared to feature a golf putting green, was shown to Messi. Even a brief demonstration of how to play the club was observed being given to Messi by someone.

Following his role in helping Inter Miami defeat FC Dallas in a comeback victory, Messi seemed to be unwinding.

Although Boca Raton is only 25 minutes from DRV PNK Stadium in Fort Lauderdale but over an hour north of Miami, he and Antonela were grinning as they viewed a lavish residence there.

The World Cup champion appeared at ease.

Messi appeared to be unwinding after inspiring Inter Miami to a comeback win over FC Dallas

In south Florida, the family would own additional properties. They already own a luxurious $9 million property with a view of Sunny Isles Beach and Miami.

The pair was supposedly acquainted when they were young by Scaglia, who is Antonela’s cousin.

According to reports, the World Cup champion bought the flat at the Porsche Design Tower in 2019.

The World Cup winner looked relaxed

Messi, who agreed to a deal with Inter Miami for two and a half years and is expected to earn $50–60 million annually, was spotted Tuesday leaving his friends’ house while sipping mate tea.

The traditional South American brew, made from the Yerba mate plant and loaded with antioxidants, is a soccer player favorite.

It burns body fat and contains the same amount of caffeine as coffee. It is also believed to improve muscular contractions and minimize fatigue, which is vital for players like Messi who frequently are seen eating it.

Their family vacation comes a week after the couple was seen looking for a home.

In addition, as their friendship expanded, David Beckham, a co-owner of Inter Miami, was certainly inspired to sample the beverage by the Argentine’s preference for it.

Scaglia is Antonela's cousin, and reportedly introduced the couple when they were youngsters

If it’s good enough for Leo, the legendary Manchester United player said next to a picture of himself sipping the drink through a bombilla, a common metal drinking straw.

He captioned the Beckham picture on Instagram with, “I’m going to make you drink some nice mate.”

Messi has been seen drinking it throughout his career and frequently shows up to games carrying the gourd used to drink it.

The famous soccer player had a gourd of his preferred yerba mate tea.

.Their family trip comes a week after the couple were spotted house-hunting

The 35-year-old woman had sleeked back her brunette hair into a high ponytail.

Funny thing was, Messi didn’t seem to enjoy Beckham’s beverage brand.

A few days before Beckham’s mate tasting, he and Messi were spotted having supper with their wives Antonela and Victoria Beckham.

Famous Miami couples were spotted at Gekko, including Messi teammate Sergio Busquets and his girlfriend Elena Galera, Beckham co-owner Jorge Mas and his wife Aleyda, and Messi.

The well-known South Florida eatery, run by Bad Bunny and chef David Grutman, fuses traditional steakhouse elements with Japanese cuisine, including sushi and sashimi.

Celebrities from the A-list have dined at the Miami eatery in the Brickell district, including Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner, Kaia Gerber, and Beckham family friend Eva Longoria.

The global soccer superstar clutched a gourd of his favorite yerba mate tea

There have also been sightings of Bad Bunny’s girlfriend Kendall Jenner and, following their attendance at Messi’s debut, Kim Kardashian and NBA player Tristan Thompson.

Messi and Beckham appear to get along well; in the past, Beckham listed bringing Messi to Inter Miami as one of his finest accomplishments.

Messi is frequently spotted drinking the concoction, which is thought to help with weariness.

The 35-year-old wore her brunette tresses sleeked back into a high ponytail

In an interview with The Athletic, Beckham said, “I never thought I would have the same feeling as an owner as I did when I was a player.”

“I experienced the same feeling when I left Wembley or Old Trafford when I got the phone call (confirming Messi’s joining). I reasoned that we had just outbid everyone else to sign the greatest player to ever compete in our sport.

Messi is regularly seen sipping the drink, which is believed to reduce fatigue

This will go down as one of the most important plays in the annals of American sports.

When asked if it was one of his best days, Beckham replied, “Without a doubt.”

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