Double the Cuteness: Introducing the Gorgeous Bowie Cat Twins with Stunning Blue and Hazel Eyes

Double the Cuteness: Introducing the Gorgeous Bowie Cat Twins with Stunning Blue and Hazel Eyes

Do you think these cats possess the most captivating eyes you’ve ever seen? Take a look at Iriss and Abyss, the lovable twin cats from Saint Petersburg who have been captivating social media with their gorgeous heterochromatic (multi-colored) eyes. Their owner has been sharing photos of these stunning felines with more than 47,000 fans on Instagram.

Pretty eyes: Meet twin cats Iriss and Abyss who have heterochromatic eyes

Introducing two adorable feline siblings with unique and mesmerizing eyes – Iriss and Abyss. These twin cats have a condition called heterochromia, which means their eyes have different colors. They are a sight to behold with one eye being blue and the other being green. These pretty-eyed cats are sure to steal your heart and make you fall in love with them at first sight.

Model cats: Their owner said that they are cross bred and that they were lucky to win the genetic lottery

According to their owner, these cats are a mix of different breeds and were fortunate to receive a winning combination of genes.

Cute: The kitties pose for a close up shot, showing off their beautiful eyes and balancing a red ball on their head 

Adorable: These kitties are striking a pose for the camera, showcasing their stunning eyes and displaying their impressive talent of balancing a red ball on their furry head. According to All About Vision, the reason for their unique eye coloration is due to a genetic condition called heterochromia, which affects the melanin levels in their eyes. The owner, @pdyagilev, confirmed that the cats are not purebred Angora or Turkish Van cats, but rather a result of crossbreeding between a white mother cat and a black-and-white father cat. Their owner has shared numerous photos of these furry felines posing next to magnificent flower arrangements, exhibiting their impressive ball-balancing skills, and even donning Star Trek uniforms – making them all the more endearing.

With their dad: Iriss and Abyss looking photogenic in the arms of their owner 

The lovely duo of Iriss and Abyss posed for some photogenic shots with their proud owner, Dad. They looked absolutely stunning in his arms!

Curious kitties: The twin cats  sitting next to a flower vase and looking up at the beautiful floral arrangement

The inquisitive feline duo perches beside a vase filled with vibrant blooms, gazing upwards in awe at the stunning arrangement.

Happy together: The sister cats were born with heterochromatic eyes which is a genetic mutation which means they have different coloured eyes

The two feline siblings have an unusual but adorable feature – their eyes are of different colors due to a genetic mutation known as heterochromia. Not only that, but they were also born with fur that is a beautiful shade of blond or white. The owner of these cats marvels at the wonder of nature, as he explains that most purebred cats are created through selective breeding. It’s truly amazing that these cats possess such unique qualities without being a part of a distinct breed. The owner feels incredibly fortunate to have stumbled upon this rare chance, which is one in a million. These cats are a blessing indeed!

Live long and prosper! Iriss and Abyss dressed up in cute cat Star Trek uniforms

May you have a lengthy and thriving existence! Iriss and Abyss are sporting adorable feline Star Trek outfits.

Fur as white as snow: The St. Petersburg kitties owner said 'the fact, that we have no distinct breed, and got all these fantastic features is truly amazing!'

According to the owner of the St. Petersburg cats, their fur is as white as freshly fallen snow. They are amazed by the fact that despite not having a distinct breed, these felines possess unique and fantastic qualities.

Looking great: Iriss and Abyss posing in front of a piece of art they approve of that was recently purchased by their owner

Iriss and Abyss, the adorable twin cats, were captured in front of a stunning artwork that their owner recently acquired. Their charming poses have captured the hearts of fans who couldn’t resist commenting on how photogenic they are. One fan even expressed their amazement saying they’ve never seen anything quite like it. Another was left in awe, exclaiming “Omg they’re so pretty!” A third person even dubbed them supermodels, which is quite understandable given how stunning they look in the picture.

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