Dog Rescued From A Fighting Ring Now Takes His Comfort Blanket Everywhere

Dog Rescued From A Fighting Ring Now Takes His Comfort Blanket Everywhere

Meet Bub, the endearing “security blanket enthusiast,” who expresses his joy in a one-of-a-kind way. Barely a year ago, he was adopted after having a challenging start to life that saw him endure traumatic experiences, which left him emotionally shut down. His new owner, wanting nothing but happiness for him, patiently nurtured him into opening up.

Bub struggled with intense separation anxiety, prompting his owner to initiate crate training with a soft pillow and blanket. One morning, upon emerging from his crate, Bub took his blanket and began a joyful parade around the house, snorting like a merry piglet and wiggling his whole body. This charming ritual soon became a daily spectacle, with Bub proudly parading his blanket or pillow.

Bub’s heartwarming “blanket procession” wasn’t just a morning affair. He also started doing it whenever his owner left and returned home. He would seize whatever was within reach and prance around, snorting and wriggling ecstatically before finally returning the item to his owner.

A month into Bub’s new life, his owner welcomed another dog, Simon, into their home. Simon quickly picked up Bub’s distinctive happiness ritual and joined the fun. Now, the two dogs welcome their owner with snorts, wiggles, and toys in their mouths, much like adorable, innocent pups.

Despite their potentially intimidating appearance, these two dogs have become the epitome of joy and delight for their owner. Their lovable antics make every day a good day, whether waking up to their morning routine or being welcomed home by them after a long day.

Since welcoming Bub and Simon into their lives, their owner has become a passionate advocate for bully breeds, demonstrating the immense joy and love these dogs can bring to a household.

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