Desperate Dog Walks 20 Miles Twice To Go Back To The Family That Gave Her Up For Adoption.d

Desperate Dog Walks 20 Miles Twice To Go Back To The Family That Gave Her Up For Adoption.d

In the heart of Prague, Oklahoma, a touching story unfolded, showcasing the incredible bond between humans and their loyal four-legged companions. Meet Cathleen, a six-year-old dog whose story of determination and love captured the hearts of people far and wide.


Cathleen had been a cherished member of a loving family since she was just a puppy. However, circumstances changed, and her family had to relocate, leaving Cathleen in the care of a new owner, some 20 miles away. For Cathleen, the separation was agonizing. She longed for her former family, a sentiment that tugged at the heartstrings of those who would come to hear her story.


One day, Cathleen decided to take matters into her own paws. She quietly slipped away from her new yard and embarked on a remarkable journey, a 20-mile trek back to her previous home. Her determination was awe-inspiring, and her yearning for her old family was undeniable.

Cathleen’s audacious adventure didn’t go unnoticed. Animal control found her in the vicinity of her former residence, clearly on a mission to reunite with the family she held dear. Unfortunately, her previous family did not reciprocate her feelings.


Undeterred by this setback, Cathleen’s love for her original family remained unwavering. She made her way back to them a second time, displaying a resilience and devotion that left everyone amazed. Recognizing her determination, the decision was made to find Cathleen a new, more secure home where she could thrive.

After receiving a clean bill of health from a vet exam, Cathleen’s story began to spread. She quickly won over the hearts of shelter personnel, and adoption applications began pouring in from all corners of the nation. The local news featured her story, and the outpouring of support was overwhelming.


Eventually, Cathleen found her forever home in Texas. She would have four canine siblings to play with and children to run around and snuggle with. Most importantly, she would have a safe and secure fenced-in yard with acres of space to explore.

Marta Mattingly, Seminole Humane Society treasurer, expressed her confidence that Cathleen would thrive in her new surroundings. She shared, “It was incredible how many people were ready to go hundreds of miles to adopt her. We got some fantastic submissions from all around, but we only have one Cathleen. In the end, she found the perfect family.”


Cathleen’s journey is a testament to the unwavering love and loyalty that dogs can offer to their human companions. Her story reminds us of the incredible connections we share with our furry friends and the lengths they are willing to go to be with the ones they love. Cathleen’s determination and eventual happiness serve as an inspiring example of the power of love between humans and their canine companions.

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