ĐBA. Loyal Service Dog Earns Honorary Degree for Helping Owner Graduate as a Good Boy

ĐBA. Loyal Service Dog Earns Honorary Degree for Helping Owner Graduate as a Good Boy

“”Griffin” Hawley, the Golden Retriever service dog, receives a congrats embrace from his owner Brittany Hawley after receiving an honorary diploma from Clarkson on Saturday, December 15, 2018, during the Clarkson University “December Recognition Ceremony” in Potsdam, N.Y. Brittany Hawley, Griffin’s owner, also has a doctorate degree in Occupational Therapy. Both students attended all of their classes together.

Griffin, Brittany Hawley’s devoted service dog, accompanied her to class every time. Griffin would go get her phone if she needed it. Griffin was present even while she was assisting patients as part of an internship.

So it’s only natural that Griffin was there to congratulate Hawley on obtaining her master’s degree in occupational therapy from Clarkson University over the weekend – this time with an honorary certificate of his own.

“From Day One, I fought for him to graduate,” Hawley said on Monday. “Everything I did, he did.”

The school’s board of trustees honored the 4-year-old golden retriever during a recognition event on Saturday, saying he displayed “exceptional effort, unshakable devotion, and devoted attention to the well-being and academic achievement” of Hawley.

Hawley, 25, of Wilson, North Carolina, is wheelchair-bound and suffers from severe discomfort. Griffin, she claims, does a variety of physical activities for her, such as opening doors, turning on lights, and bringing her goods that she designates with a laser pointer. But maybe more importantly, the dog brings consolation in the midst of her constant, acute pain, which generates worry and melancholy.

Griffin was obtained by Hawley through the “paws4prisons” program, which educates convicts in West Virginia prisons how to train and deploy high-level support dogs.

“The convicts let multiple dogs approach you and let the dog chose you,” Hawley explained. “Some of the dogs were terrified of the wheelchair. Griffin rushed into my lap and licked the side of my face.”

During an internship, Hawley and Griffin assisted troops with physical limitations as well as psycho-social issues at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. Brushing a dog can assist enhance a patient’s range of motion, and touching him can help relieve anxiety, according to Hawley.

In a heartwarming tale of loyalty and companionship, a service dog named Max has been awarded an honorary degree for his unwavering dedication in helping his owner, John, graduate as a “good boy” from a prestigious university. This remarkable story is a testament to the extraordinary bond between humans and their furry friends.

John, a determined and resilient individual, faced numerous challenges throughout his academic journey. He was born with a disability that made navigating campus life and attending classes a daily struggle. However, John’s indomitable spirit and his faithful companion, Max, by his side, together, they forged ahead on their academic quest.

Max, a Labrador Retriever, was specially trained as a service dog to assist John with various tasks, such as opening doors, retrieving items, and providing emotional support during challenging times. Yet, Max’s role extended far beyond the call of duty. He became John’s constant source of motivation and a symbol of unwavering support throughout his educational endeavors.

Their journey was arduous, filled with long nights of studying, overcoming physical obstacles, and dealing with the everyday challenges that accompany a disability. However, Max’s presence served as a reminder that determination and teamwork could conquer any obstacle.

As John worked tirelessly towards his degree, Max was always there, offering a comforting paw, a reassuring nuzzle, or simply sitting by his side, providing the emotional encouragement needed to persevere. Max’s calming presence helped John manage stress and anxiety, allowing him to focus on his studies with a clear mind and a determined spirit.

The university administration recognized the extraordinary bond between John and Max and decided to honor both of them in a special ceremony. In a heartfelt gesture, Max was awarded an honorary degree for his loyal service and unwavering commitment to helping John graduate as a “good boy.” The crowd erupted in applause as Max proudly received his honorary diploma, with a wagging tail and a look of pure joy on his face.

This heartwarming story serves as a reminder of the incredible impact that animals can have on our lives, providing not only companionship but also inspiration and motivation to overcome life’s challenges. Max’s journey alongside John exemplifies the profound connection between humans and their loyal service animals, showcasing the extraordinary feats that can be achieved when determination, love, and support are combined.

In the end, John graduated not only as a “good boy” but as a symbol of perseverance and determination, with his faithful companion, Max, by his side every step of the way. Their story serves as a heartening reminder of the power of friendship, resilience, and the unbreakable bond between humans and their loyal service dogs.

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