David Beckham Sets an Exemplary Standard as a Father.d19

David Beckham Sets an Exemplary Standard as a Father.d19

David Beckham has always been a caring father, caring for his young children. As a cult star, the dense daily schedule is inevitable for the former MU star. Even so, he always spends his precious time with his small loving family.

In 1999, David Beckham and Victoria’s Super Wedding of the Century made the press consume a lot of ink. The talented couple officially returned to the same house, proving their intense love was the birth of 4 children, 3 boys and 1 girl named: Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper.

Beck is always radiant on every photo appearing with his beautiful wife Vic and his 4 little angels. Despite being quite famous and possessing a handsome appearance, David Beckham is always faithful and keeps a strong love for his wife.

Harper, the youngest daughter, is the one Beckham loves the most

4 children often enjoy the beauty of both parents

Elegant when walking on the red carpet

Beautiful and attractive drawing of the members’ standard “wolf ca”

Beckham has always been an image for everyone, not only a polite and courteous cult star but also a model father of 4 little angels.

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