Dad Worries If His Missing Senior Dog Will Still Remember Him After 764 Days

Dad Worries If His Missing Senior Dog Will Still Remember Him After 764 Days

In the course of a little over two years, Bill Ballato anxiously wondered if his senior Beagle-mix, Bosco, would still remember him. Bosco, then nine years old, had slipped from his collar and embarked on an unplanned adventure in their Westerly, Rhode Island neighborhood, but unfortunately, he couldn’t navigate his way back home.

Bill, grappling with a back disability, launched a tireless search for his beloved canine companion. He plastered missing posters across the town and contacted neighbors and friends, but Bosco’s whereabouts remained a mystery.

When circumstances required Bill to relocate to Lafayette, Colorado, he was haunted by the thought that he might never see his cherished pet again.

It wasn’t until after two long years that Bosco was spotted by some observant locals who recognized him from the missing posters. The adventurous Bosco had been living a stray’s life, becoming uncharacteristically wary of humans.

The residents reached out to Sheilah Graham, a Department of Homeland Security staff member who, in her spare time, dons the hat of a “pet detective” helping reunite lost pets with their owners.

Sheilah connected with Bill to gather more details about Bosco and successfully managed to lure him into a trap-laden with his favorite foods. Knowing Bill’s physical limitations prevented him from traveling to retrieve Bosco, Sheilah took it upon herself to undertake the task.

Even though air travel was not an option for an older dog like Bosco, Sheilah willingly agreed to drive the 2000-mile journey to reunite Bosco with Bill, braving two snowstorms during the self-funded trip and ensuring Bosco’s comfort throughout.

When Bosco and Bill finally came face-to-face after 764 days apart, Bosco hesitated, causing Bill to fear that his four-legged friend had forgotten him. But as Bill summoned his courage and softly called out, “Dude,” recognition dawned in Bosco’s eyes, and he seemed to understand he was back with his loving owner.

The joyous reunion extended to Bosco’s favorite toys and his doggie sibling, too! We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the incredible Sheilah for her selfless efforts in making this reunion a reality – truly one of the heartwarming we’ve ever witnessed!

Watch the video below to witness the magical reunion of Bill and Bosco.

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